Dark Avenger 3 (KR) Review: It's Everything a Hack 'n' Slash Game Should Be





Hey Guys! So I was fortunate enough to have played Dark Avenger 3. This is by far one of the most stunning and brutal games that I have ever played. The developers have done an excellent job of creating a world class game which is sure to make it to being one of the best games playable on the mobile. The stunning features of the game and the immersive action filled gameplay is a reason why this game is hands down amazing.

Through the course of this article I will give a brief insight into the various features and other attractions of the game while also ensuring that a detailed analysis of the negative aspects of the game are also looked into.

Here’s a quick look at the trailer of the game to get an idea as to what’s in store.


It is only fitting that we start off by talking about what is the most attractive element of the game. The graphics which are involved in this game will go a long way in making it entertaining and a flourishing success. The game is set up in a three dimensional environment with realistic graphics. How often do we wish for the perfect hack and slash game with a third person perspective to be available on a mobile device? And that is exactly what the developers have provided. Playing the game on a mobile device will give you a near to realistic experience similar to that of playing on a gaming console. The viewing angles which have been laid down are perfect and the camera adjusts itself automatically in order to give the player the best and precise view while engaging in combat. In order to enrich the gaming experience of the player there are certain visual effects rendered to the character when he runs. (This is very much similar to the perspective of viewing which can be seen in top notch games like Metal Gear Solid V and Prince of Persia)

In addition to this, the game uses a lot of colours to breathe life into it. Attacks and skill moves are so vividly and beautifully displayed that the player would be thoroughly impressed the first time he plays the game.

However, the game can be played only on mobile devices. Such a game is fit and much more fun on the big screen. If you have a phone with a 5-5.5 inch display then this game can be thoroughly enjoyed. However, the game cannot be enjoyed to its fullest potential on a smaller screen.


The game features simplicity at its best. It’s got standard controls assigned in order for movement of the characters and with respect to attacking options. A floatable joystick control is available to the person on the left hand of the screen. The attacking options and the combination keys are placed on the left hand side. A pop up button appears on the bottom right of the screen besides the standard attacking set whenever a special move has to be performed.
Another important feature is that you can ride or control other creatures such as dragons etc. In such a scenario the controls are automatically updated in order to adapt to this situation. However, in such a case the viewing perspective that is available is quite difficult as it will still remain adjusted to the initial character. Thus, this becomes a hindrance to enjoying those few awesome adrenaline pumping moments.


When it comes to the tutorial offered, Dark Avengers 3 is at par with most other games. It offers the standard tutorial which most of the games in the market offer. It is however extremely useful to those players who will have difficulty in comprehending the language but still want to get their hands on the game.  The tutorial guides you through the basics such as movement, attacking etc. it also takes you through the process of customizing the characters and upgrading the weapons. It also gives tips while playing the game or before the game loads.


The characters that are offered in Dark Avengers 3 are just stunning, mean looking and extremely powerful. They are well armoured right from the beginning of the game and their armour and weapons can easily be upgraded. The game doesn’t offer you a lot of options with respect to character compared to those which are offered in games like Dynast warriors: Unleashed etc. Dark Avengers 3 essentially has three categories and each category offers you three characters belonging to the same class.
The three classes which are offered in the game include:
1) Swordsmen
2) Witch
3) Warrior.

The Swordsmen offer a good choice for those who enjoy close range combat as it gives you the thrill of actually hacking the enemies. There are some quite brutal moves which have been added to the game and these can be extremely fun. The swordsmen is the only class that is open to the players once the game begins. They can unlock the remaining characters later on and then choose a class of their liking.

The warrior class is also a for close range combat. However, this class offers you more power with respect to the attacks but compromise a bit on speed. In addition to this, the average cool down period of this class is quite high when compared to that of swordsmen.


As mentioned earlier, Dark Avengers 3 is a delight. It is extremely fun to play and you won’t realize that you have spent a quite a lot of hours on the game. The game is essentially one which belongs to the hack and slash genre. The level of gameplay is quite immersive with a lot of new things for players to explore. This game offers something which is quite new to gaming on mobile devices. This is a progressive step towards better gaming. There are certain features in the game which are just phenomenal. For example, you get to control a dragon and burn your enemy’s right after the first chapter! This was perhaps one of the most enjoyable moments of the game. Here’s a look at how it goes down.

In addition to all this, the game feature a store from which weapons, gems, coins etc. can be bought. There are also daily rewards which can be collected and one of the best things is that these rewards are quite huge. You get almost 30,000 coins as your first reward. Of course, those who had pre-registered for the game will get quite a lot more incentives to play the game.

  • Brilliant Graphics
  • Exceptional background score.
  • Smooth and easy gaming.
  • Immersive gameplay
  • Small size of the game doesn’t take up much space on your device.
  • Great choice of characters.
  • 3 on 3 PvP mode.
  • High RAM usage.
  • Requires a good processor.
VERSION 5.1 and above. Yet to be announced.
RAM 3 GB RAM Yet to be announced.
STORAGE 1 GB Yet to be announced.
DEVELOPER: Booleon Games and Published by Nexon games..


This is one of the few games that offer such an good gaming experience. If there are players out there who enjoy this particular genre then they are in for a thrill. Considering all this, the game can be rated an 8.5/10










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