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NetEase Games' upcoming MMO war game War Rage has an ambition to change the market of the genre. It will not only release in China but also in the west in 2017, it's coming to PC and in the future the PS4 console, and what's more, it's evolving and expanding. We just sat down and talked with the game's Producer Wang Xi and asked him to introduce the game to western players.

What kind of game War Rage is now, and what will the game look like in the future when it comes to the western market?
"War Rage" is a 3D online war game which reflects the powerful scene of medieval war. Through the Action Real-time Tactic, players can experience the feeling of actual participating into the war.
As for the build environment, "War Rage" now is mainly based on the oriental civilization. In the future, we will bring more civilizations, in the form of forces, into the game, while the player himself can also establish personal force or team force. The Battle is immersed with collision of civilization, mixed forces, in which all of the players strive for their homelands but their love and friendship……what 's the future? I just think it all depends on the consciousness of the players.
We know the game focuses on siege and competitive experience, but is there any role-playing element such as character progression and skill customization?
It’s a good but hard question, YES. War Rage is centered with the war, around which we design our games. We hope, in the war game, players can have the experience of real war, shocked, straightforward, etc. However, Rome is not built in a day, so does for the war, a whole procedure is necessary. In the process, role-playing, fluency of the game and freedom of players are all connected with the theme "war". Especially the freedom of players, we hope we could complete it together with our players, and this will also become the outstanding feature of War Rage.
Will player choose a game mode they want to play like a MOBA or team-based FPS?
"War Rage" is aimed at presenting a real and magnificent war scenes.  However, MOBA is also considerable for us. Because it can make the players more familiar to the strategy of controlling and increase the awareness of corporation with other players in the game, through the form of small-scale battles. 

How realistic the combat and weapons will be? For instance, is shooting a crossbow about aiming the enemy and pressing the left mouse button?
In terms of optimizing details in a fight, our attitude is “Never stop”.

In the next version, the fighting sense of War Rage will tend to be romantic, not only having a real sense of combating and a sense of exaggerated experience. For example, the damage of remote weapon will decrease as the distance increases, which reflects the real air resistance of arrows and ammunition. In turn, it brings players a sense of authenticity. At the same time, diversity and variety of environment further enhance the degree of authenticity. You can image the sense that when firing arrows fall off the dizzy rain or snow, they smoke or fire partly when shot in soldiers or weapons. On the battle field, everything will be destroyed, including military equipment, road blocks, buildings...

How friendly the game is to casual players? Many of them want to be in the middle of a war but are worried that there could be too many things to learn to play the game.
No need to worry. "War Rage" basically follow the operating habits of those mature online games. While in combat scenario, players will face at the same time operating military commanders and soldiers, and in the operation system, the basic operation system and some shortcut keys will solve the problem. What’s needed in the further exploration of operation we expect to our players. Of course, we pay special attention to these privileged new players, which can be proved in the guiding level designed for them exclusively.

In terms of game progress, the early novice task system will lead players to get familiar with them. Therefore, players will trigger their tasks and activate their corresponding level of ability, including activities, players’ interactions, equipment, horses, scenario, etc during the interaction with NPC. And then, uh... Yes, you can go to fight.

The game has been confirmed for PlayStation 4, and could you tell us the development progression of the PS4 version?
We have established the PS4 version program. Yes, as for the progress of R&D, I think it’s more like an artwork creation. The process is not very fast for sure,but you can imagine that the blood surging feeling when the essences of most classical strategy games are presented through “War Rage”ART.

You worked for Bungie's Destiny before and now for Netease Games' War Rage. Do you bring any concept from Destiny to War Rage? 
Yes, the past experience improved me a lot and provided more benefits for producing our own engine and game. Meanwhile, the experience overseas also bring our studio something different. Our studio, located in West Lake scenic area and owe a tea garden, raised three lovely dogs.  I encouraged everyone here to be more "rebellious".

"In USA,  members are all have their strong personalities and desire to express, and hope their own thoughts can appear in the products. On the contrary, Chinese students are shy. That’s why I encourage them to release more rebellious characteristics in themselves. After returning, I also read some books such as "Chinese-style management", "art of the meeting"  and understand the situation is more complicated than I thought. I am still trying to find the balance, which is also the direction that I have been promoting and endeavoring.
With the experience of making 3A games for western market, are you designing War Rage for international market from the beginning? 
Yes, BOOMING is aimed at being a world -class game supplier.

I made up my mind because of the work experience in USA. It was 12 o’clock midnight, I took the bus to participate Product Sales in Gamestop Square. While the bus pulled in, I was sincerely touched by the loud cheerful voice all around. WORTH, which was the only word at that moment, could sum up the whole that I had experienced those years. For them, I was the hero. That kind of feeling is, only the game can give you the glory. So my dream, and also BOOM’s dream, is we Chinese can take our world-class masterpiece to stand on the stage of E3s. We introduce them Chinese game. This honor and dignity is my lifelong dream as a game producer.

Just as BOOM’s original intention, “We only exist as world’s top game”.
Is there a time when western players can play the game?
We are working hard to improve the product, and the game will be presented to the players as soon as possible! Please follow the media and our official website:










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