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Ragnarok Spear of Odin started its Closed Beta Test last week on March 23rd.

Followed by...

Ragnarok Journey which is released just 3 days ago on March 27th.

In case you're wondering, Ragnarok Online (RO1) is a very popular MMORPG that started way back 2002~. The game sprung many versions and in many platforms. One of which are the two games mentioned above. Since both started their Closed Beta Test recently, why not compare the 2 games and let's see what are the similarities between these games and the very first Ragnarok Online game, also what are the similarities between the two and what are their differences.

Ragnarok Spear of Odin can be played on Android Devices (also iOS in the future). The game can also be played on a Windows/Mac OS computer via emulator's.

Ragnarok Journey can be played via browser. You can use Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc to play this game. As long as your device supports these browsers and Flash player then you're good to go.
Playing these games will be based on your device capabilities. You may be able to play Ragnarok Spear of Odin on your Android Phone but you may not be able to play Ragnarok Journey since your phone browser may not have the needed application to run the game. You may also be able to play both at the same time, like in my case since I play on my Windows computer.

In a way, both games are similar to RO1 since both can be played in a Windows Computer which is the main platform of Ragnarok Online.
2D VS 3D

Ragnarok Journey uses 2D sprites while Ragnarok Spear of Odin is made up of 3D objects and environment. However, both uses the same isometric view that is a very familiar feature of Ragnarok Online. You may find that the sprites of Ragnarok Journey resembles much of RO1 more than the 3D objects of Ragnarok Spear of Odin, but the quality of 3D objects is undeniable. 

Point Click VS Tap & Drag

In Ragnarok Spear of Odin you move around by tap, hold and drag the direction control button. You may also do the same method or assign direction keys if you are playing the game on an emulator.

Ragnarok Journey follows RO1 point click controls. You move around by clicking the desired destination. You also interact and basically do everything via click of a mouse/button.

Automated VS Manual

Ragnarok Journey offers an automated gameplay where everything you need to do, you can just let the auto-track/move/kill system do it for you. Although this can be convenient to easily go through the boring part of questing, it also radiates a boring attitude to the players. In fact, most players i know who played this game complains about the almost fully automation of the game. The common player expression is "I feel like I'm not playing a game, but rather just watching it.". Please take note that you can turn off the auto-do-everything system by pressing A key or changing the settings under setup.

Ragnarok Spear of Odin offers an engaging, challenging, addictive and muscle cramping gameplay. You do everything via smashing buttons using both of your hands. The game storyline is also present and well written which influence your quest line. You move from dungeons to dungeons upon waves and waves of monsters. Although fun and engaging, it is also tiring. I highly suggest that you take a break, chat with your friends, do some crafting, read the card specs etc every once in a while. If you are using an emulator, I suggest that you use the WASD and number pad keys.

Both games do have a very popular similarity with RO1... you have to kill a lot of monsters to level up. Hardcore Grind fest.

Ragnarok Journey offers the known list of initial Classes you can choose from RO1. The same with RO1, you start as a novice and choose one of the 6 initial classes which advance to another set of different classes once the requirements are met. You may also choose between a male or female character on the character creation.

Ragnarok Spear of Odin starts with a gender locked character creation. The classes are also locked base on the gender which is Male for Swordsman, which later on advance into a Knight or a Warrior. Female for Mage which will advance into either a Wizard or a Sorcerer. Although it seems limited, the game itself offers at least 4 different weapon and advance class combo on each initial class. Currently there are only 2 available initial class to choose from, but a sneak peak of the Thief class is already visible.

Both games offers a lot of possibilities on your character builds, skills, stats etc. Although Ragnarok Journey rely on the same system as RO1, the Card+Equipment+WeaponSystem+AdvanceClass of Ragnarok Spear of Odin offers a new and more complex character build up.

VERDICT: Both games have their shining and dim moments. If you want a more RO1 feeling, convenient and easy game that you can just forget about it after an hour then I suggest you try Ragnarok Journey. If you want a challenging, addictive, complex, and fun version of RO1 then a highly suggest you play Ragnarok Spear of Odin.

Do you agree with the final result? Any objection, reaction or clarification about the review? Please don't hesitate to post your comments below!

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