ArcheAge Begins Beginner's Guide, Leveling Up Faster

ArcheAge Begins is finally in Closed Beta, and while there are a bunch of things for us to see and try out (I've personally been looking forward to how they dealt with the lore), the main focus for now should be on the rewards XL Games is offering for reaching certain milestones in the game (level 20, tier 3 characters, and so on). This guide will you he progress through the games faster to reach these rewards before the CBT ends.
Save Stamina items

The first thing you’ll want to do is to avoid using your Stamina items (receives as rewards) if it is it is already full. That is because while your current Stamina is above the cap (which slowly goes up as you level, reaching 130 at level 21), you will not benefit from the regen rate, which is already quite bad at the awfully slow rate of 1 per 20mins or so. Gaining a level also fills up the Stamina, making it a common resource early on. Note that you can store them for 7 days, and trust me, soon enough you'll be glad you didn't waste them.

Auto battles and 2X Speed

Let's be fair, the combat in ArcheAge begins is kind of a drag. Thankfully, there are a few ways to get past this negative aspect, and like most of us, you will most likely end up hitting the 2X speed button. Hitting the Auto button, however, is more of a stretch, since it's pretty much letting the game play the skills for you.

You might worry that the AI may not use them properly (which it truthfully doesn’t do), but honestly, early on it doesn’t matter.

Upgrading gear

Having to upgrade gear is another thing that feels like a chore in ArcheAge begins. The level of each gear item is capped according to the level of the character. For example, if Gene is at level 10, his sword will be capped at level 10, 11 at level 11, and so on.
But again, honestly, early on, and up to part 2-5 of the Saga, there is no need to upgrade everything every time. Gene, being the tank, will obviously need all his gear to handle the agro properly. For everyone else, just get/upgrade their weapon and ring for now.

And even then, you don’t have to waste time upgrading them each time the characters level. Simply do it 1-2 times per volume, or when you feel things are getting harder.

Volume 2.5 and getting Gene to 2*

Volume 2.5 is the first wall you will hit in ArcheAge Begins. Even with all your characters and their gear leveled properly, you will have a hard time finishing this.

So, once you hit that wall in Saga, it's time to move over to Legacy of Heroes to get your first character to tier 2. I personally think it's best to start with Gene, since he is the tank and melee attacker of your party around that time. In fact, you will be able to pass that wall quite easily by unlocking a few of Gene’s abilities in the Talent tab. But, let's be honest, you will have a much easier time if you do get him to tier 2 grinding your way up.
The process is quite simple. Challenge Gene’s legacy of heroes over and over until you have enough of the Gene’s Courage hero material to get him to tier 2. The issue is that while the stamina costs of the Legacy of Heroes have an initial cost of 12 for each hero, it slowly goes up as you complete them, reaching up to a cost of 60 Stamina per battle by the time I had enough Gene’s Courage. Meaning that you would quickly run out if you only completed Legacy of Heroes maps.

The trick is to take advantage of the Stamina regen upon level up. By alternately Sweeping Saga maps, you will be earning enough EXP to level up your account and having your Stamina pool full again. You will need a total of 33 Gene’s Courage (including the 3 you use from the tutorial) to get him to tier 2, which means completing his Legacy of Heroes map about 15 times (if you are lucky).









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