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League of Legends Team Builder Two-day Beta Begins March 3

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Last year, Riot revealed that they would introduce a new feature called Team Builder to League of Legends. Team Builder will help players "queue up for a specific role, champion and position and get connected with four teammates that also preselected their preferred role" in order to "build a balanced team where everyone's in agreement on where they're going and what they're playing". Its beta is now coming which will go live on March 3 and last for two days.

The beta is a staggered launch on live servers starting with RU and EUNE the week of March 3-7.

Will the new queue Team Builder help build a balanced team when everyone preselects their preferred role in a match or will it cause any new problems? How long do you need to wait in queue if you select a support role? You can click here for more details.

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