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Hey guys, Destiny Child has officially been made available on the South Korean Google play store and iOS. The game had been much awaited in the market and it has been able to meet the general expectations. Here is a quick review of the game which will take you through the basic features of the game while also focusing on the intricate details.


Destiny child is an entertaining and challenging game for all the right reasons. The game brings together two different genres of gaming and does a brilliant job of blending them artistically. The game features a blend of a brilliant CCG (Collectible card game) and RPG genres. This is one of the standout features of the game. Here’s a quick look at the gameplay trailer of the game.


Yet another standout feature of the game is the graphics which have been used. If you have observed from the trailer or from the gameplay you will notice that the characters and every other aspect of the game are beautifully designed and look life like. Even though the game deceptively looks a lot like a 3D game, it is in reality nothing more than a game set up in a 2 Dimensional environment. This is because of the live 2D feature which has been crafted into the game; this literally almost makes the game looks like it’s been created in a 3D format. Quite cool isn’t it? The Live 2D feature can also easily be switched off in the setting of the game. Coming to the details, a lot of attention has been given in order to give the best possible gaming experience to the players. The colour mixing when it comes to the attack and card playing moves is on the spot. In summary, the game is quite appealing to the eye and is most definitely a factor which makes the game fun to play.


As mentioned earlier, Destiny Child is a game which is essentially a Collectible card game. This means that you play by using the cards which you have with you. The controls to the game are quite basic. The options to use and release the cards are place on the bottom of the screen. This is in fact, the only area where the controls of the game are located. Players can select their collected cards from the list that appears here. In addition to this, whenever the required skill bar fills up the players can use the skill move by swiping down the card. This can be easily figured out as the skill bar fills up for each card at different times. Thus, when a particular card has the necessary requirements and the ability to perform a special attack then that option will be placed slightly above the card itself. These are the basic control elements of the game. It’s that simple actually; just pick and use.


Destiny Child features an in depth tutorial on almost all aspects of the game. Not only does the game guide you through how to play and use each card strategically but it also gives you in game tips. The tutorial guides you through the basics initially. After this, it focuses more on the intricate aspects off the game such as attacking options, special attacks etc. It also takes you through various other features of the game such as character selection, customization and weapons modification. In addition to this, the guide helps you get better equipped with the setting of the game like the 2D live feature etc. In fact, the tutorial that destiny child offers is perhaps one of the most detailed and comfortable ones that I have ever come across on any game. Since the game is still released only in the Korean version, the tutorial can be very helpful to those for whom the language is a barrier.


The characters that are offered inn Destiny Child are just simply astounding and beautiful. Every single character has been so beautifully designed and can perform various complicated gestures etc. Each and every single character in the game has its own speciality and use when it comes to the combat. The characters are extremely lifelike and this makes the game more interesting. There are over hundred plus characters offered in the game which can be used. The special moves of each character is differently designed and is very interesting.


The first requirement in order to play the game is that the players need to set up a Kakao account and sign in to it. This will help save your progress even if you wish to play the game on another mobile device. The game essentially requires you to strategically deploy and use your cards in order to win a match. Though the difficulty is initially low, it gradually increases to a substantial amount. The essence to winning a match is to use the right cards and time the way the cards are used. Each card has a certain cool down time after it has been used once, only once the cool down period has been completed can that card be used again. Therefore, it is quintessential to make sure that you don’t use up all your cards at once and that you always have at-least one card in your reserve to launch a counter attack. You can select up-to five cards at a time in order to play a match.

A match can be played with even lesser cards but five is the maximum that can be used. You can create upto two decks consisting of five cards each. If players find it too difficult to play the game or if they are going to crash out then the game has an in built auto play feature which can easily be turned on/off while in combat. The option to this has been made available on the top of the screen while the player is in combat. Each match will have a set of three phases, the first phase being the easiest of them all. The final phases each match will involve a boss fight.

VERSION 4.4 and above. iOS 6.
STORAGE  Less than 1 GB Less than 1 GB
Though the game will run smoothly even on a 1 GB RAM mobile device, the game will have to be restarted if minimized. This is only due to the limited RAM available and is not an issue with the game

VERDICT: Considering the overall features of the game, it can be given a good rating of 8/10.









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