5 Recommended Indie Mobile Games for iOS Platform

I had decided that after I showed you Kingdom: New Lands, that I should bundle up the rest of the games into one article. So here we go. The Second game that was released on the Indy AppStore Celebration is:

Euclidean Lands

A Game that may blow your mind, it consists of moving a single character on a Rubix Cube of sorts, that as you progress, it gets progressively harder and harder. As each cube spins around, your character is tasked with getting the upper hand on enemies in oder to complete the levels. 

I've added some gameplay above. Please check it out in order to get an idea of how this amazing game plays. 

Ticket To Earth
Imagine a Match Three Puzzler but done in a way that is a real time battle system where you have to take control of the level by matching the colored tiles, and using those buffs to combat against your enemies. Long story short, this is a new take on the Match Three genre and i urge you to play it. It's truely a lovely game. 

I've uploaded some gameplay here just to show you how amazing yet hard this game is.

magine A game where you don't control the main character. You instead, control the environment, spuring the the main character onward toward his goal. It's a great concept and in practice, the look of the game's art is incredibly stunning. Consider it a point and touch adventure on your phone and you'll be forgiven if you don't know what to do, because that's part of the fun. Just remember, the bells are like directional arrows and the lights tell him where not to go.

Mushroom 11

A platformer where death is inevitable and your life only pushes you foward. There's something primal about Mushroom 11. whether it's the fact that you are a fungus eating and killing everything in your path, or the fact that you have to die to grow and move foward. the idea here is to survive, and what an idea that is. 

Here's some gameplay provided to show you exactly how it plays. This is the entirety of level one.


More of an experience than anything, three kids, intent on making mischeif and just a bit of mayhem stumble across something odd. I don't want to spoil anything but I am glad to say that this game is really well done and is admired by a lot of people in the PC gaming comunity. If you get a chance, this game is a great point and press adventure. 

I've uploaded the first 10 minutes to whet your appetite but there are no spoilers as this is the begining of the game

Folks, that is NOT it. I will be back with more Indy Game releases and more information that I will readily have for you awesome 2P followers. Thank you so much and as always, please leave a comment below, telling me what you think.









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