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Ragnarok Mobile is the best spin off of Ragnarok Online game. Currently, the game is still in its Chinese version but that does not prevent anyone from having fun with the game especially for Ragnarok Online fans. Please take note that the game is in Chinese Language and the server is in China. With the joint efforts of players all over the world, anyone can easily play and enjoy the game without worrying about the language barrier. A very healthy english speaking community is already established and even occupy multiple channels. I highly suggest to anyone who wants to play, learn and enjoy this game that please join the Ragnarok Mobile Discord channel.

This guide will be dedicated to High Wizard class and will tackle as much information as I can about the class.
Mage class deal with elementary elements without the Earth element. Wizard Class deal with AoE elements with only 1 Earth element. High Wizard class on the other hand have more Earth element and in fact the class which further amplifies the capabilities of the existing elemental skills. High Wizard class is the epitome of Elemental Destruction. Having a High Wizard in a party is essential in terms of control, damage and tactics.
For Mage and Wizard Class guide please CLICK HERE or use the link below:
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~High Wizard Change Job Guide~

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~High Wizard Skills Data~

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~Stat Builds~
~Skill Builds~
~Poor Mans Closet~

Let's begin!
You will be able to start the High Wizard change job quest once your character reach level 40 Wizard JOB skill. Yes, you only need to reach lv40 Skill Level and it does NOT require a level 70 Base Level.
To Start the quest, please go to the very familiar place in Prontera where you started all of your job changed.

Please talk to the GrandNPC.

Then speak to the Wizard NPC

The Wizard NPC will ask 3 questions, please follow the answers below:
Talk to the Wizard NPC after the Q&A quest.

Afterwards, the Wizard NPC will ask you to go to Geffen Wizard Tower. Please use the Prontera Kafra Teleport service.

Please move to the 2nd floor of Geffen tower.
Talk to the Female Wizard NPC to initiate the next quest line.

Next, the Female Wizard will ask you to go to Byalan (Ocean Park) but before going to Izlude, please SAVE your location with the Geffen Kafra NPC. Please use the Geffen Kafra teleport system and speak with the Port NPC once you reach Izlude.

Select the 2nd teleport option on the Port NPC.

Please enter the Byalan Dungeon

and move to the 2nd floor (BF)

Please take note that you will NOT see a tracking arrow once you reach the Basement floor even if you select the quest on the quest tracker. The only indication you will get is the distance notification on the quest tracker. Please speak with the mermaid NPC on the left side and use the whale bus to relocate.

NOTE: This location is infected with water type monsters and I highly suggest that you equip your Firewall, Thunder Bolt and Lord of Vermillion skills along with your pots and flywing.

Mermaid NPC and its location, just right next to the entrance/exit portal.

Select the third/last location.

Tap the green button to move. Please take note that the 3 dots " ... " must change to a check mark in case you want to bring along your friends. In case you didn't know, you can actually take some secret photo/selfie locations while riding the whale bus.

Be prepared for some whirlpool.

Quest Map Location:

You have to go to 3 spots and activate the hammer.

After activating 3 hammers on 3 different spots, please use a flywing and talk to the Mermaid NPC near the entrance/exit portal. This time choose the 1st/top location.

Again you need to go into 3 spots and activate the hammer.


This time please use the exit portal and...

Speak to the Mermaid NPC and this time please select the 2nd/middle location.

Or you can just walk through tons of monsters...which I highly suggest you avoid that path unless you are with a party.

Activate 2 items on the spot.

And kill a pretty weak but high HP boss (Strouf)

After getting the item above, please use a butterfly wing to be teleported directly to Geffen City. In case you missed the step above which I asked you to save your location to Geffen Kafra, then just use any Kafra NPC and teleport back to Geffen City. Please enter the Geffen City Wizard Tower.

Move to the 2nd floor and speak with the Female Wizard NPC.

After activating the item and completing the quest, please use Geffen Kafra teleport system and move to Prontera City. Speak with the Elder NPC which is located at 12oClock and activate the Job Change recommendation letter.

Hold on, you have to answer 3 questions before passing the test. Just follow the answers below:

The Elder NPC should automatically teleport you on this room. Please Tap the Tome...

Red Carpet walk...

Speak with the Wizard NPC...


To move out of the wizard halls, please talk to the Wizard NPC and select the option below.









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