How Traditional Card Games Have Evolved





Playing some of the most traditional table games in a casino used to mean strict rules and conventions that required adherence to avoid being singled out as a problem for security to deal with. However, these ideas rely on the player plying their trade in a land based casino and things have moved on since then.

Online casino and Poker sites have completely changed the game as far as gambling is concerned. You may still be playing some serious card sharps; but the game itself is no longer about two players battling it out to outbluff the other with their unwavering Pokerfaces and aggressive raising tactics – it’s a totally different ball game without ever using a ball.

The internet has played havoc with many of the world’s favourite casino card games but it was never the intention of the designers to detract so heavily from the games that inspired their work. These days; the games see players facing players in a battle of wits, as was the casino’s way, but the lack of face to face interaction has crippled the concept of online poker.

Assessing your opponent in a face to face game of poker is an essential facet of the game itself so can it be said that poker has evolved since transitioning to the online format?

It most certainly can courtesy of the online casinos providing a wealth of incentives to the player and players no longer relying on reading their opponent to secure a healthy win. Alongside the casino’s incentive based play; players can now enjoy progressively more versions of the core poker format including the lesser played Caribbean rules – no more dingy backstreet games or overpriced city casinos for the UK players!

The same applies for Blackjack which has seen a major overhaul since moving to the online format. Previously, Blackjack was for the keen eyed, mentally exercised player who could spot patterns to the extent of card counting to get an edge on the game; most were caught in the act and stripped of their winnings, but the practice was very real.

Without the chance of reading a dealer, or a card stack, players are now restrained to their hand and the other betting forms they might never have been aware of if it wasn’t for this move to online gaming.
Side bets and backing other players hands have always been an integral part of Blackjack for the more seasoned player but the knowledge has generally bypassed the average player given the profits that can be made from a short session at the table.

The move to online gambling has actively encouraged the players to improve their knowledge of the game and research the betting tactics that make Blackjack such a complex game. Though simple in concept, Blackjack has so many facets to the gambling process that it can take a lifetime to truly master – or at least it used to take a lifetime at the tables.

The Blackjack guides and instructional blogs available online have made it far easier for players to develop a superior knowledge of their chosen game which has, in turn, made for a far more competitive gaming market online. Several inexperienced players in a land based casino will no doubt hand over the bulk of their purses to the house where the better informed online players will walk away considerably better off than when they digitally ‘sat down’.

Where does the evolutionary process take us next? Virtual Reality has been mentioned as the next step in the online gameplay path meaning we may see a fully rendered digital casino before long where the two gambling routes may finally cross over.

The digital revolution meeting the traditional casino format could be the pinnacle of online gambling, quite frankly. It would allow for the Googling, fast paced player to ply their trade alongside the more seasoned gambler who is used to seeing their opponent – a happy medium for all involved?









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