Rogue Life Review - A Beautiful Bullet Hell-Like Game!

Rogue Life: Squad Goals is an energy based squad themed free-to-play bullet hell game. It's developed by Hidea. The game gives you control of a squad of three different characters. Your squad’s main task is to keep on going through these stages in which you'll have to shoot and avoid the bullet hell that's send at you from the enemy monsters or players.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Core gameplay is strictly centered around building up your earned (bought) characters by giving them upgradeable equipment that would fill each character’s five slots. The equipment you get your characters have different rarities and overall look amazing.

Another gameplay element in Rogue Life: Squad Goals that’s unique to the game is the way simulation is added into the mix. Rogue Life allows players to gather this equipment by also doing menial manual labor tasks such as writing stuff, picking up wood boards, or sitting down and reading. Gameplay elements like these give a bit more dimension to the overall gameplay mechanic that the other games like this normally don’t have.

The difficulty curve in Rogue Life: Squad Goals is what you’d normally expect in the starting to mid tier bullet hell shooters in other titles. This means that unlike in the usual bullet hell shooters where precise movements that require almost perfect timing are standard, Rogue Life has a bit more arcade-y feel when it comes to the evasion/shooting error margin.

This doesn’t mean that the game is real easy though. Having to control a squad of three units adds a new style to master as it is quite tricky. The game already auto- attacks the active members on the field while you would only need to focus on evading the numerous projectiles that enemies will throw at you.Rogue Life allows your characters in the field a “free pass” of sorts that you can regain as you build up the meter. This means as long as you have the evade meter filled on all almost unavoidable instances, you’ll come out of each map unscathed. But that would be quite challenging especially in the later stages of gameplay where the game suddenly amps up the attack waves.

Pros and Cons

  • Beautiful and cute graphics;
  • Very smooth gameplay
  • Lots of levels to play;
  • Cool and original characters;
  • Amazing looking equipment;
  • You weapons look more and more badass as you level them up;
  • Active forum which can be entered by the shortcut in the game.
  • Game can get a little repetitive;
  • The PVP AI is not very smart and you either win because the enemy player's AI stayed in front of all your bullets or vise - versa;
  • Slow material gathering. 
Overall I love the game. It's simple and beautiful. The characters are cute and different too. I like the Forum idea and that the players can communicate through it. I hate the PVP though,because it's all based on luck..and very little on your equipment. I recommend you try this game!

2P SCORE:8.5









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