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Hey Guys, the latest and most entertaining game in the MMORPG category is God Eater Online. The game was released 21st February 2017 and is set to meet the rising standards in the competitive gaming industry and it also has the potential to be amongst the top in the particular genre. This article will provide an in-depth review of the game along with all the pros and cons. In addition to this, a download file has been attached so that you don’t have to struggle finding the game as it is still hasn’t been launched globally.  Have a quick look at the gameplay trailer to see what’s in store.


The story is set out in the futuristic year of 2050 where living organisms called “Oracle cells” that are entirely different from the composition of traditional organisms were discovered in the Nordic Region. After an explosive occurrence and breeding, the oracle cells started evolving rapidly while catching and consuming every single object on planet earth. They diversified and different violent life forms were created. Eventually, this threat which was posed by the oracle cells were known as “Aragami”
The existing weapons were ineffective against the Aragami and humans gradually started losing their habitat to the Aragami. At this point in time, a biological company called as “Fenrir” developed a biological weapon known as “God machine” that embedded an Oracle Cell and special troops known as God eater.
With the development of God eaters, after 20 years of the Aragami presence, the fight between the two is set at the Himalayas.*


God Eater Online basically features four primary characters. They are named as
1) Maria
2) Gadot
3) Leila
4) Lu.
All of these are the God eaters who are the only ones with the power to defeat the aragami. The characters are what form the basis of this game. Each of these characters assist the main character. The best part about the game is the weapons which each person wields.


Even though character customization is not given a lot of weightage in the game, players can edit their characters before the game kicks off. The various options included in the game with respect to character customization include; choosing the sex of the character, selecting the complexion, hair styles etc.


The graphics in this game are simply stunning. It gives you the feel of playing a game which is usually played on gaming consoles. God Eater online features a 3D gameplay with brilliant gaming environments. The game is essentially played from a third person view and this makes it all the more interesting.

Coming to the gaming environments, the developers have kept an eye for detail and have ensure that the storyline of the game blends in with the environments. This is seen in each level clearly as the background environment gives the *looks of feels of a ruined country taken over by monsters. Every minute detail has been given attention to, this is seen with respect to the blood, the way the character tries to keep his balance after being hit etc.  Hats off to the developers for making a game with such beautiful graphics.


God Eater Online has a designated Arena for tutorial. This arena will teach you the very basics of the game such as attacking, jumping and running. In addition to this, the tutorial helps you to learn how to consume the arigami oracle cells. This is a very important feature which needs to be learnt as this will help you learn special skills and arigami attacks later in the game.

However, these are the only things which the game teaches you in the game. All the other relevant information and tips are given in the form of tips when the game is loading. This can be quite difficult as the game is not yet officially released in English.


Mastering the controls on this game will take quite some time. The game features a standard floatable movement control on the left side of the screen and basic attacking and defensive keys on the right. However, the simplicity ends here. The game does not have a camera lock on feature which stays at the back of the character throughout the game giving players a good and clear picture of their environment and what is around them. On the contrary, the camera has to be adjusted manually by the players according to the perspective that they want. The players can easily do this by swiping their finger on the right hand side of the screen above the attack controls. This becomes extremely difficult while playing the game as the camera keeps moving and changing perspective, this in fact prevents the players from having a quick and smooth attack.


Online gaming in God Eater online thoroughly enjoyable. The game can have upto 100 players set up in one arena to fight monsters. In addition to this if the players choose to play the feature quests called “Order” then they can team up with upto four members at a time to take on monsters. ‘Order quests’ require 4 members to fight the aragami.


The game is quite simple to play. Players will have to defeat the arigami and consume their oracle cells in order to move further. The game features the traditional ‘God Arc’ weapons which are a thrill to play with. The weapon that you wield will serve for multiple purposes. This means that the same weapon can be used as a short range combat and long range combat weapon (players can use swords and blade for short range whereas the same can be converted into a canon etc. for long range).  The game also features an ‘Abyss factor’ which will be learned by the character as his level increases, this allows the players to consume the aragami and cast out powerful attacks.

There are several game modes which have been made available in God eater Online;
1) STORY: The players move further in accordance with the storyline.
2) ORDER: Team with four players to fight arigami.
3) MMO FIELD: Up to 100 players in one arena.
Specification Android IOS
Version Android 4.1 and above iOS 6 and above
RAM 1 GB Minimum 1 GB Minimum
Storage  More than 1GB More than 1 GB
Bandai Namco Entertainment.

The game can easily be given a rating of 8/10.










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