Comparing Gigantic and Overwatch: Hero VS Hero, Team VS Team

Back in early December a game called Gigantic became part of the preview program on Xbox. It’s a team based shooter with a variety of heroes to become.  I’ve been playing it nonstop until I started compare with another team based shooter, Overwatch. There are major differences between the games that set them apart from each other so today we’re gonna compare the two games and see which one is better. Keep in mind this is all in my OPINION. I don’t want anybody butthurt, we clear? Good….On with it!

Blizzard’s new baby vs The New Kid on the Block

First let’s talk about the art style. They are two completely different art styles that it’s like comparing apples and oranges. Overwatch is very streamlined (in my opinion) yet behind the streamlined Pixar-esque graphics, an incredible amount of detail put into each character. No one character is left without some sort of thing that defines them from Cyborg Ninja’s, Armored Monkeys, and Robot Gandhi to EdgeLord Reapers, Dwarves (Torbjorn), Cowboys, Angry Grandpa’s (Soldier 76), and much more. Overwatch definitely has colorful cast of characters with more still coming!

Overwatch and the cast of characters in the game (Without DLC Characters, I.E. Ana and Sombra)

As for the locations they have a variety of locations around the world and it looks beautiful. Though they don’t feel as interesting as the characters. Granted the game is more focused on the characters than the locations that are little playgrounds. Still they are nice to look at sometimes, and they are very pretty, they are just not as cool looking as the characters. However the streamlined look seems to work for Overwatch.

Sure does look pretty.

As for Gigantic (while yes the game isn’t complete.) It’s art style is very…..unique. It’s hard to actually describe, but the entire game is just screaming with life. Unique and interesting designs for the characters while not making the world look like it would in real life future. It’s a breathtaking new world with amazing new locations to visit and explore all while fighting. The characters also are very interesting to look at, as no one character is exactly…..normal. I mean you have Owl Dude with one arm, a frog ninja, a goat archer, an electric assassin, and a warrior bull? IDK but it seems cool! They also have normal human characters in the game as well like a rocketeer with double pistols, a steampunkish looking sniper, and an old man alchemist with more on the way! Besides the zany designs of the characters, the game looks like something I can sink my teeth into for a long time. But looks aren’t everything.

Gigantic and the cast of characters.

A big part of any game is of course the gameplay!! So how does gameplay stack up against each other? Well let’s start with Overwatch. It’s a first person shooter and get’s hectic really fast. Overwatch’s fast paced and frantic gameplay is very reminiscent of old arena multiplayer games such as Quake and Unreal Tournament with a modern twist. Adding 2 unique abilities specifically tailored to the character you're playing as. A few examples of these abilities are: Tracer’s Blink, Reinhardt’s Shield, Widowmakers Grapple Hook, and Lucio’s Speed Boost.

Image result for overwatch abilities
Reinhardt's Ability List.

They all feel right for the characters and it makes the gameplay even more hectic especially when the team is organized. Sometimes you have to switch your heroes depending on the situation you are currently facing. Everybody who has played Overwatch has done it. Speaking of organization (Organization XIII? LEL, Kingdom Hearts jokes. Okay I’ll stop.), in order to do good in Overwatch you need to have great team coordination and communication otherwise….well let’s just say the results are not….enjoyable. And if you have 2 well organized teams are going up against each other. It’s gonna be one hell of a match let me tell you.

Everybody has to play their role correctly if they have any chance of winning. Which there are a few roles one could take. Reaper’s sneak behind enemy lines and catch them from behind. Reinhardt’s massive shield which will protect allies from any incoming gunfire. Ana’s healing and buffing abilities. Or Bastion’s sit down and camp while laying down the law with mass amount of bullets down range. These roles can determine a match, and how chaotic it gets. Finally each character has an Ultimate Attack which can either result in the enemy being killed or potentially aiding teammates. From Aimbot, to Heroes Never Die, these Ultimates are not to be messed with. So whenever you hear someone activating their ult. RUN….(Unless it’s Widowmaker’s ult. Then you’re fine.) These can either save or ruin a match depending on who’s using what.

“Oh shit, Robot Gandhi's ult is healing people fast than I can kill them!!”

Gigantic’s gameplay isn’t too different from Overwatch, but there are a few differences. One big difference is that Gigantic is in 3rd Person and allows you to look at the characters actions. There is also more of a balance between melee style characters and ranged style characters (Tripp being my personal favorite). You have your tanks, snipers, supports, attackers, just like Overwatch and each character’s abilities feels like they are specifically tailored to them. A few examples being: Tripp’s Electrical Powers, Uncle Sven’s Chemistry Skills, Wu’s Water Martial Arts, Xenobia’s Curse Magic, and Imani’s Sneaky Sniper Skills. Unlike Overwatch though, you can upgrade your abilities, through upgrade trees! You can have upgrades that can support you like an attack that drains enemy's health, give you additional invisibility time or have upgrades that let you deal additional damage. These upgrade trees are a great way to keep the battle going while also keeping the fight hectic.

Lightning Powers Activate!!

Also just like Overwatch, each character has an ultimate ability that can change the course of the battle or do nothing if poorly timed. So, if you hear or see it activating, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! The upgrade trees can also affect a character’s ultimate so be careful who you take on. There are some characters that block your abilities. Team coordination is even more important here. Why? Well because unlike Overwatch the maps are more open, meaning a lot more room to explore. There are little points all over the map that you need to capture in order damage the other teams mythical creature, something I forgot to mention. However I will got more in depth on that later on.

Trying to capture a point.

So we’ve talked about the art style of the characters and environments. We’ve talked about the gameplay and the difference between them, but what about game modes? While Overwatch certainly does win in this department it doesn’t hurt to look.

Hmmmm, what to choose.

Overwatch has about 5 different game modes: Quick Play, Arcade, Competitive, Player v. AI, and Custom Matches. Quick Play allows you to find quick fun to play matches against random players, this even includes running into friends! While it can get competitive at times it’s really meant for the fun of playing the game.

The Competitive gamemode is exactly what it sounds like, a competitive game between two teams. This sometimes includes going up against actual Major League Gaming players, and they go hard. You really need to know what you’re doing here, otherwise your team will turn on you, even for the smallest of mistakes. There is in fact a ranking system in Competitive. You can derank if you place horribly in matches. So watch how well you do.

This is the Competitive Ranking System.

Player v. AI is essentially, practice matches against the computer. If you feel you need practice this is where you come to get it. You have 3 modes: Easy, Medium, and High. I would recommend starting on Medium, just because easy seems to be a little too easy. You will get better practice out of the higher difficulties.

Let’s Practice.

Custom Matches is essentially matches you can set up and personalize with friends. Think of it like Custom Games from Halo. You can have up to 12 people in Custom Matches, not including Spectators. This number is a bit low compared to other games like the aforementioned Halo Series, but considering the option is available to begin with is definitely a plus in my opinion.

Now I just need friends….









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