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Aden is a new Mobile MMORPG which has been released officially in Korea. The game is spell bounding and its success is already being reflected. Though it hasn’t been long since the game released, it has already started making its way to the top of the chart. The game boasts excellent graphics along with brilliant gameplay which makes it a must play game. Here’s a quick look into the game after having played Aden. Watch the trailer below to have an idea of what you are going to look at.


Aden is a Korean based open world MMORPG which has been made for both the android and iOS versions. Though the game has only been officially released for the android platform, the iOS version is set to roll out soon. The game features an open world combat which is extremely fun to play. Players can create a character from a particular class of their choice. Aden also provides a PvP and PvE format of gaming which ensures that the players don’t get bored of having to play the game in one mode.

Aden’s graphics is undoubtedly one which will keep you glued to the game. It is perhaps one of those ingredients of the game which has resulted in its unobstructed success. The graphics to this game have definitely played an important role in catapulting the game to the top of the chart.

Attention to detail. The most crucial aspect to the success of any game. And Aden has done a phenomenal job of giving importance to every single aspect of the game when it comes to graphics. Not only does the game provide a colourful and realistic environment, every combat aspect is so well detailed that one cannot simply take your eyes of the game. Even when it comes to in-game videos which outline the plot, the graphics are extremely realistic and even fun to watch. The game has been created in a 3D environment and it has been done brilliantly.


Aden’s control features is perhaps the only thing that I personally did not like too much. One players have become too accustomed to the standard controls, i.e. a floating joystick or slide to move, they usually tend to enjoy the game more when it is in one of those formats. However, Aden has taken a slightly different approach when it has come to the controls.

The controls are tap-to move. This means that the players will have to tap on the screen to get the character moving. Theoretically speaking, this is an easy way but it when it comes to playing the game it lead to a lot of hardships. The first hurdle that some players will need to cross is to get used to this control system. The second difficulty that you will face is during combat. In order to perform an attack the player has to tap on the monster or enemy that he chooses to fight. This becomes hard when it comes to fighting several enemies at the same time. It also makes it difficult to move away from the enemies during combat as the direction based movement cannot be determined exactly.

The skill moves and attack combinations are placed on the right bottom corner of the screen and each attack has a cool down period.
Aden features an in-game tutorial. So you learn as you progress. The guide takes you through the basic movement controls, on character upgradation, creating guilds, forging and upgrading weapons, collecting skill points and daily rewards. Hands-on guide is also provided while in combat with regards to character change etc.

The game also provides you with tips which will help you while engaging in combat.

A lot of factors need to get added together in order to create a good game. And for every game, the characters provided are perhaps tasked with the greatest burden of making the game a success. Aden gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to character selection.
The game offers you a set of four characters from different classes. The four playable classes in the game include;

a) Knight

b) Archer

c) Wizard

d) Assassin

Players can choose their character based on the requirements that they want. Some characters offer you high HP while others are more stable. This also helps you choose between close range and long range combat characters. While the Knight and Assassin can be used for close range combat the Archer and wizard can be used for long distance combat.

In addition to offering these characters, Aden also allows the players to create four profiles. This will help the players in designating each profile for every character if they so wish. However, this is completely up to the players. The game can be played with a single profile too. The added advantage of creating multiple profiles is simply that players can try out and engage with the different characters.
Characters and their weapons, armours etc. can be upgraded within the game by collecting diamonds and using them effectively.

Another important feature about the game is that the characters can be switched during combat. Characters within a playable class can be switched during combat in order to defeat monsters faster. If players use the characters wisely and as per the conditions that are present, they can easily win the combat.
Multiplayer gaming on Aden is fun and immersive. Players can battle others in the open world in the PvP mode and even the boss fights happen in the open world environment. The game mode available in PvP include Deathmatch and Demon Legion. Deathmatch is a 3 v. 3 mode where players will have to team up with others and defeat the opposing team.

Demon Legion is an inclusive mode where two teams get together in order to defeat a strong boss. Upto 5 players can join in the Demon Legion mode.

In addition to this, players can create their own guild right from the beginning itself. The option to create a guild is available in the starting profile page.

Specification Android IOS
Version Android 4.1 and above iOS 6 and above
RAM 1 GB Minimum 1 GB Minimum
Storage Less than 100 MB Less than 100 MB
Though the game will run smoothly even on a 1 GB RAM mobile device, the game will have to be restarted if minimized. This is only due to the limited RAM available and is not an issue with the game,

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