Fire Emblem:Heroes Review - An Amazing Strategy Game From Nintendo Series

Info and Mechanics
The first thing you're going to notice about the Fire Emblem: Heroes game is the beautiful art of everything . The artwork, animation, and sound design in this mobile game is very good and well made. From the opening screen to the menu screens to the fantastic battle transitions and animations, this game just has a really great feel to it.It's very well optimised and works very smooth.This is a part of a Nintendo Series and the fans of the series are really going to appreciate the loving care that the developers put into this.

There are multiple modes of play, but the main one you'll start with is the Story Maps. It's like a main campaign. As the story goes, the noble heroes of the Askran Kingdom are putting up a fight against Princess Veronica and the Emblian Empire, which seeks to to rule all worlds. A powerful summoner (aka you) arrives just in the nick of time, with the ability to summon and control Heroes from across all worlds to join the Askran army. You set off to different worlds to free the heroes who have been cast under Princess Veronica's spell by defeating them on the battlefield.This is a strategy game,where you will have to think about every move you make, although it's easy to learn and suitable for beginners. There are several different types of heroes, but the main three are red, green and blue, with a few colorless heroes as well. The first few chapters in the story mode really help to establish the basics of combat, while you learn the Rock, Paper, Scissors-style battle (which is quite interesting and fun considering what a bother this mechanic can be in some other games) and figure out how to best position your heroes around the battlefield.Once you've worked your way through the first few chapters in Story Maps, you'll unlock other modes like "Special Maps, Arena Duels, Training Tower" and a fifth mode you unlock once you've completed the main campaign. These modes allow you to train and level up your heroes and offer you more ways to play beyond the story mode. You're also able to go back and replay chapters of the story mode with a new lineup of heroes if you wish to test out new battle strategies and tactics. "Arena Duels" are very interesting, as you're able to test your mettle against other players in quick battles, though it certainly won't feel like a PvP experience. Though, if you manage to link enough "Arena Duel" wins together, you can work your way up the global player ranks. It definitely feels like this will become the centrepiece of the game once you've worked your way through the main storyline. If you've got friends who are playing, you can add each other by tapping the glowing stone in the bottom left corner of the home menu and adding them via their unique friend ID.

Also, battling is limited by your stamina meter which automatically refills over time, but you're also given 50 stamina points and missions costs are low, meaning you really won't run out too often unless you're  grinding a lot (which is good considering that every mobile game nowadays has that annoyingly awful "energy" mechanic). When that does happen, you can simply spend some time tweaking your teams and upgrading your heroes in the shop menu while you wait for the meter to recharge. There's always something to do, which is definitely a good thing because a lot of apps tend to get boring pretty fast.

Pros and Cons
  • Very beautiful graphics;
  • Smooth gameplay and easy to learn;
  • The gameplay is interesting and definitely doesn't get you bored too fast;
  • Lots of gamemodes and a nice PVP ranking system;
  • As Many as gamemodes this game has it still gets a little repetitive;
  • It feels like there's something missing,different from the original series.

Overall, it's clear that a lot of thought and care went into "recreating" this experience onto a mobile device. In the short time that I've played "Fire Emblem: Heroes" , I'm finding myself actually not hating it. I'm pleasantly surprised by how much more that the others I'm enjoying this game.

2P SCORE: 8.5










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