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Super Budget Beast Hunter to Get Me to the Legendary





hearthstone hunter

Before Season 3 starts when Unleash the Hounds hasn’t been buffed, I’ve been playing beast hunter for a while. During the course, I’ve also tried “faceroll hunter”, but I don't have Leeroy Jenkins, so just played it for a short time and then back to beast hunter. After many adjustments, this deck helps me getting into legendary.

Deck list:

You can see many aggro hunters in the ladder and their decks are almost the same. The more unusual your deck is, the more advantage you get. This deck only contains a few rare cards with the rest of them are all common ones, which means you can easily construct it. It is a solid deck with not bad winning rate.

Some Details

Hunter’s mark x1 : it is used to debuff your opponent’s big creature with high attack so you can clean it easily.
Flare x1 : still many aggro hunter and paladin plus some mages so Flare can play its role well.
Tracking x1: sometimes, it can help you find the key card you need.
Freezing Trap x1: good to have one in the deck because sometime, it can play unexpected good effect and it disturbs your opponent’s plan.
Explosive Trap x2: good to again rush deck and it can also be played with Eaglehorn Bow.
Snipe: it can be a surprising card if you play it at the right time, especially when your opponent plays Azure Drake or Gadgetzan Auctioneer.
River Crocolisk x2: sturdy minion with the 2/3 body at early stage
Starving Buzzard x2: it can be cooperated with the other beasts, especially UTH to draw cards.
Eaglehorn Bow x2: key card in the deck, have great synergy with the secrets.
Animal Companion x2: though the beast it summons is random, it is not bad at least.
Kill Command x2: it can either be used to rush the enemy face or clean the board.
Deadly Shot x2: it can destroy a minion with low mana cost. It can be used perfectly when a druid uses two Innervate and play a big minion at early stage.
Senjin Shieldmasta x2: the lightspot in the deck! I was stuck at rank 5 for a long time but after adding it in the deck, I found it really useful and helpful, no matter in the playing to against rush style or protect own minions.
Oasis Snapjaw x1: because many players would have Stampeding Kodo in their deck so I just bring one. If it can be buffed by Houndmaster, then it would be perfect!
Houndmaster x2: necessary cards
Stampeding Kodo x1: only bring one or it may be hard to play it out (the perfect minion to kill: Harvest Golem, Keeper of the Grove, Frothing Berserker, Defender of Argus and so on.)
Stranglethorn Tiger x2: very good minion with stealth.
Savannah Highmane x1: great minion, which can help you expand the advantage.


Druid is quite popular in Legend. With Force of Nature, he always can make a burst in high mana matches. Deadly Shot and Freezing Trap are good solutions for his fatties dropped early on. 6 – 4 win rate.

Hunter: 5 – 5. Beginning is critical for you, save Crocolisk, Eaglehorn Bow if you are the first player, well Animal Companion is also a good choice if you get the coin. Since you opponent will cast his hero power on your face, you should analysis how long will you go.

Rogue: Iif opponent is a miracle Rogue, try to summon taunts on the board as early as possible. Saving Flare, Freezing Trap and Deadly Shot for her Gadgetzan Auctioneer and Edwin VanCleef. If she is a minion Rogue, Eaglehorn Bow + secret is a good beginning. Coupled with Buzzard, Stranglethorn Tiger can make a one for two trade in most cases and allows you to benefit from the spell of Buzzard.

Paladin: A little hard. Most Paladins are rush styles, which mean fatty taunts will disturb his scenario and offer you more chance to gain board control. For most rush Paladin, he will rush your face early on and flood the board before you make the burst, giving you a tide pressure. To be honest, Buzzard + UTH won’t help you much under this negative situation.

Warlock: Save Deadly Shot for Twilight Drake if he is a Giant Warlock. Don’t flood before he drops Hellfire. Try to save your beasts on the board and always keep Kill Command in hand for last strike. Actually that always works well for giant Warlock, since he couldn’t drop Molten Giant smoothly until his HP is lower enough to do so.

Mage: Keep Eaglehorn Bow in the beginning and always wipe the minions with your weapon. Save Deadly Shot for Water Element and Sniper for Azure Drake. With stealth, Tiger is likely to survive to the next turn and allows you to do something before Mage casts removals on it.

Priest: I seldom play against him in legend. His AoE and SWD / SWP would easily remove your minions from the board, so it would be hard for you.

Warrior: he is quite aggressive in early stage. With massive weapons, he always removals your beasts and rush your face in each round. Keep your HP as high as possible and drop taunts to remit his attack in each round; always break his armor to stop him to benefit from Shield Slam. Keep Freezing Trap and Deadly Shot for legendaries dropped late on. Don’t flood your beast before he drops Brawl.

Shaman: it is not very hard for you, since your Explosive Trap and UTH will make his totems into nothing and UTH + Buzzard would give you huge card advantage, allowing you to do more choice for the next. Eaglehorn Bow always your MVP and save Deadly Shot for Fire Elemental.







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