Revelation Online Beginner's Guide, Gunslinger Class Introduction and Builds

This guide will take a quick look at the Gunslinger class of Revelation Online, and help you decide whether or not this is the right class for you by explaining most, if not all, of its skills as well as its gameplay style.

We will be focusing mostly on how the class performs in PvE, although, by the end of the article, you should also have a basic idea of how it does in PvP.

The Gunslinger is exactly what you'd expect from its name. A ranged class with a high DPS, the Gunslinger will nearly always be in movement, avoiding enemy attacks as it deals damage from a safe distance, only allowing enemies to get close to have them fall into their traps.

The Gunslinger can also be called a master of all trades, being (in my opinion) the only class in Revelation Online that can work really well with various roles, be it as a ranged DPS, as a CC character or even as a tank thanks to its various abilities, mobility, traps and mechanical battlepets.

Sniper Mode and Fury

One of the most interesting skills of the Gunslinger class is the ability to switch between dual wielding pistols and a sniper rifle. While the dual wielding pistols mode will be the basic mode, as the level up Gunslingers acquire the Sniper Mode skill. (Unfortunately, if, like me, you expected this to be a mode where the character switches to a FPS view and combat style, you'll be disapointed xP)

Sniper Mode greatly reduces the movement speed of the Gunslinger, but also increases his damage output by 12% and an additional amount depending on the skill level.

Sniper Mode also adds additional effects to certain skils. Thunder Shell, for example, gains a 20% chance to increase twice the base damage on enemies that are at least 20 meters away.

As for Fury, it is the "currency" required for the Gunslinger to use its Special Skills. The bar is raised as the player uses combat skills, up to a set limit. This limit is increased as the Gunslinger learns new skills.


The majority of the skills of the Gunslinger can be used while in movement, making it a highly mobile class. So there's no reason why you should stick in place and take damage when you can simply move about freely.

Basic Skills

Thunder Shell - Deals a small amount of damage, but can be spammed indefinitely. While in Sniper Mode, it gains a 20% chance to increase twice the base damage on enemies that are at least 20 meters away.

Consussion Bomb - Deals more damage than Thunder Shell, but has a 3 seconds cooldown. Applies a Bleed effect on the target if used in Sniper Mode.

Main Skills

Grenade - Hurls a grenade that damages and knocks down the target and enemies around them. Great to use after trapping enemies into Helix Blade.

Oblivion Bomb - Deals a high amount of damage to an enemy. Crit Power is raised while in Sniper Mode.

Hellfire Salvo - Continuously hits the targets and 3 additional enemies around them for 2.5 seconds. Can hit a maximum of 8 enemies while in Sniper Mode.

Helix Blade - By far my favorite Gunslinger skill, Helix Blade deals a good amount of damage to all enemies in range every second for 5 seconds. Grenade should be used on enemies as soon as they Trigger Helix Blade to ensure they remain in the damage area.

Deadeye Shot - (requires Fury) Deals a high amount of damage to a target. Damages increases by 20% if target is under the influence of Death Mark.

Strafe - (requires Fury) Continuously all damages tagets in the damage area for 30 seconds.

Rocket Barrage - (requires Fury) Launches rockets thats damage enemies in the target area every 1.5 seconds for 5 seconds.

Comet Strike - (requires Fury) Deals a high amount of damage to an enemy. 2% of the Gunslinger's health added as extra damage.

Buffs, CC and Summon Skills

Sniper Mode - As mentioned above, Sniper Mode is the skill allowing the Gunslinger to switch between the sniper rifle and dual wielding pistols styles.

Spider Turret - Summons a mech pet that has 20% of the Gunslinger's health plus an additional amount, as well as 50% of the Gunslinger's physical attack plus an additional amount. Last for 30 seconds and only one can be summoned at a time.

Proximity Mine - Damages enemies in range and deals additional fire damage. Includes additional affects according to the level of Vicious Dynamite and Freezing Dynamite.

Mana Armor - Grants immunity to damage for 5 seconds, reduces enemy aggro, and removes CC skills from the Gunslinger. Physical Defense increases for an amount dependant on the level of the skill.

Death Mark - Marked target receives additional damage dependant on the skill level whenever they are attacked.

Focused Fire - Raises the Crit Rate and Crit Power of the Gunslinger and nearby teammates.

Ferrous Trap - (requires Fury) Damages and knocks down enemies.

Arcane Confinement - (requires Fury) Creates a prison thats traps both enemies and allies, preventing any enemy or ally from leaving/entering the target area. Enemies are damages every second for 5 seconds.

Razor Puppet - (requires Fury) Summons a puppet that has 50% of the Gunslinger's health plus an additional amount, as well as 50% of the Gunslinger's physical attack plus an additional amount. The puppet is immunue to physical damage. Last for 30 seconds and only one can be summoned at a time.

Juggernaut Armor - (requires Fury) The Gunslinger enters the Juggernaut Armor state, becoming immune to CC skills and mitigating half of the damage received from enemies. Last for 3 seconds and allows the usage of 3 new skills.

Stat Builds

All-Rounder Build

One of the most popular Gunslinger builds is what I like to call the all-rounder build, or balanced build.

Primary Stat - Dexterity
As a Gunslinger, you'll want to place points into Dexterity rather than Strength for your damage output. For this build, a maximum of 50% of your basic attributes raises should be into Dexterity.

Secondary Stats - Physique and Spirit
Assuming 50% of your stats raised were for Dexterity, the remaining ones should be divided between Physique and Spirit equally, meaning 25% in Physique and 25% in Spirit.

For example, around level 40, you should enough Potential points to raise your Dexterity to 110, your Spirit to 60 and your Physique to 60.

Glass Cannon Build

Forget defense and put (nearly) everything into Dexterity for maximum damage and crit rate.

Primary Stat - Dexterity

This time, most of your stat points should be going to Dexterity. 90%-95% according to your gear.

Secondary Stat - Spirit

Since at some point, it will be getting harder to raise Dexterity, and you will have some spare Potential Points, you should consider placing some into Spirit. Not for the health or magical defense, but rather to increase your Mana pool.

Again, around level 40, you should be able to have enough points to raise your Dexterity to 140, and your Spirit to 20.

Tank Build

Not as popular as the other 2, the tank build of the Gunslinger is, however, pretty viable. This will not only increase the survivability of the class, but also allow it to use Sniper Mode more often.

Primary Stats - Physique and Spirit

For this build, Physique and Spirit should each count for about 40% of your of your Basic attributes. You can play around with this depending on whether you want more physical or magical defense, but spreading it out evenly maximizes your total health points.

Secondary Stat - Dexterity

The remaining Potential Points should all go into Dexterity, mostly to allow the Force attribute to raise your damage a bit.

By level 40, you should have enough Potential points to raise your Physique to 100, your Spirit to 100 and your Dexterity to 30.






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