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Hey Guys, Sword Art Online recently released its latest game in the franchise; Memory Defrag.

Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag.

Memory defrag brings a lot of entertainment to the fans of the Anime based franchise. The global launch of the game can be expected soon as the game was recently made available in the US in the English version. The game brings with it almost all the important characters such as Kirito, Asuna etc. It also features a new control system and different gaming environment.


The game follows up on the same plot on which the manga/ anime series is based upon. A newly launched MMO called as Sword Art Online is introduced and players can get involved in the game using a device known as the nerve gear. This allowed the players to experience the game realistically.  Amongst those who entered the game were a couple of beta testers. Upon entering the game, the players found that they could not log out of it. The only way for them to survive and get out is by beating the game and in order to that one has to reach the topmost level. If a player dies while he is in the game, he will die in his real life too. 
The plot of the game has been set quite dramatically. The gameplay also follows the story mode and is quite interesting to play. However, the first couple hours of the game might seem a bit slow as they build the whole story and you get to play quick missions only a few times. 


Memory Defrag does not boast high definition graphics or complex game environments. However, it offers a quite entertaining gameplay in the most simplest of manners. This, in my opinion is what makes the game stand out. The game has been set up in 2D and yet it offers a colourful experience. The characters are very well designed and so are all other NPC’s. 
Also, the game aims at breaking the monotony of a single environment by making the players engage in the game in different surroundings. While some levels are set up in well-lit grasslands, the others are set up in a darker environment. 

The attacking moves and slashes are also quite detailed and quick. There are no lags or issues faced by the game as far as the graphics are concerned.


Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag has moved away from the standard button controls and approached the game control in a slightly different manner. It offers the players a quick tap and slide to play option. This means that the characters can be moved by sliding your finger across the direction in which you want them to move. Attacking can be done quite easily by simply tapping the screen.

The game also allows the players to defend oneself by long pressing on the screen and allows to parry by flicking upwards. This feature of the game is essentially what makes it fun to play.

The skill moves are acquired and can be used with a single tap. The button for this is placed on the side of the screen.


The game offers its players a very simple tutorial regarding the movements and that is all that is required to play the game. It guides you through the movements and attacking tutorial in order to play the game. 

In addition to this, it offers an in depth tutorial on upgrading characters, buying equipment, purchasing gems, creating a team, following other players etc. This is very helpful as there are a lot of things which need to be done other than playing the game, this includes evolving characters and weapons, selling items etc. 


The game offers a lot of characters for players to use. One of the most attractive features of the game is that it brings the most loved characters from the anime series. The tutorial and the storyline begins of with the players being able to play as Kirito and Asuna. Different characters can be used as one progress through the game. 

Each character comes with a set of specific skill moves and has a specialization too. While some offer a close range combat option, there are other characters which allow you to play as a sniper. This allows the players the flexibility of trying out different combat options while in the game.
Playing the game.

Memory Defrag offers the players a lot of choice with respect to characters. The game is fun to play and can be played with other players as well.
Some quests can be completed only with the help of other players. Once the quest is over, the game offers you the choice of following that player in order to use again in a quest later on. On the other hand, some quests can be performed only solo. 

The game begins at very easy level with players being able to complete their quests in less than ten seconds. In fact, the first chapter, most quests can be completed in less than five seconds. I believe this depends on the character that you choose as well. While playing as Kirito, a single slash would defeat the monster and the quest would be over. 

In order to progress in the game, the players will have to pass through each level. In the game, these levels are known as “Floors”. Each floor will have a set of enemies and a boss which has to be defeated in order to move up to the next floor. The game can be completed only once you defeat the boss at the 100th level.  As one levels up, the game starts getting harder and it also starts pitching you against other players within the game making it more interesting.

After completing each level, the players can claim rewards. These rewards will also be given for daily quests. It is important not to forget to collect these as this will help you unlock new characters and weapons. The most important of all rewards are the diamonds that you get. These diamonds are required for you to scout new characters and weapons.

Another important feature that the game offers while playing is the ability to switch characters. They can be quickly changed in order to defeat the enemies faster.

Online gaming.

Memory Defrag allows players to build their own guild and add players to it. As mentioned earlier players can follow others whom they teamed up with. They can follow upto 300 people. When creating a guild, it is easier to add players with whom one has played before and it also becomes easier to find them.

Pros and Cons of the Game.


1) Smooth and fast gaming.
2) Fun 2D Environment.


1) Average loading time is very high (Appx. 3-4 mins)
2) Initially allows you to play less as it focuses more on building up the story.


System Requirements.



Operating System 4.4 and above iOS 9 and above
Memory Less than 200 MB
18 MB apk
Less than 200 MB.
18 MB apk.

Considering the overall gameplay and the new approach the game can be given a rating of 6.5/10.









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