What Gaming Tech You Need to Be Playing in 2017

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Since a little game called Pong first hit arcades back in 1972, people may well have thought they had witnessed some of the most incredible gaming technology that humankind could create. The idea that ping-pong could essentially be played inside a computer must have blown minds and been talked about across the world. In 2017, however, you’d probably have to pay or force someone to play a game like Pong. Gaming tech moves at such a rapid rate, that if you’re out of the loop for even a few years, a wealth of amazing devices and games will pass you by and you’ll always be trying to catch up. Well, luckily, we’re here to fill you in on what exactly people are currently using in the world of gaming technology.

Gaming servers
It used to be that four players on a gaming console was the pinnacle of a games night with friends (the likes of GoldenEye, Mario Kart, and Halo come to mind), but how about hundreds of people all playing the same game at the same time? Through the use of dedicated servers, gamers across the world can team up, play, and communicate in real-time all within an online game.

Minecraft is often the go-to title for mass online gaming, whereby someone will have created their own gaming community via one of these servers, and then permitted only those they choose to join the specific group. With Minecraft, it could be that you allow only 10 to 20 people whom you trust, and your community goes on to construct unbelievable worlds within the game.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is another hugely popular online game that allows for the creation of personalized gaming servers. However, the first person shooter game known to produce cheaters, who manage to use programs that allow for abilities like unlimited ammo, invincibility, etc. Fortunately, the developers have been quite successful at cracking down on the cheating epidemic and it is becoming less common over time.

Smartphone games
To some, the idea of playing Snake on their Nokia phone is enough for them; it kills some time when you’re on the train and is easy to understand. Again, in today’s gaming world, many would collapse with laughter at the thought of Snake. Smartphone games have become wildly popular, so much so that you might not dare play Snake in front of all the other passengers on the train with their heads buried in their phone.

The likes of Fruit Ninja, Candy Crush, Angry Birds, and Temple Run are still some of the most-favored on the market, but more recent games like Clash of Clans and Pokémon Go have taken over the mainstream in a way many didn’t think possible. Pokémon Go was especially successful, at least initially, because it captured an audience of millennials who grew up playing the franchise. Another gaming option for smartphones, titled Game of War, shot to popularity essentially overnight once an advert featuring Kate Upton was aired. At one point, Game of War was taking in around $1.2 million every day.

Virtual reality
The idea of wearing massive goggles on our heads and experiencing virtual reality has seemingly been around for decades, but it’s never been more prominent than 2017. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Sony’s PlayStation VR are all headsets that enable the gamer to be a part of cutting-edge virtual reality technology, yet still playing entertaining and addictive games. The aforementioned Minecraft can be played on a VR headset, but there are games to fit many tastes. This article sheds some light on what’s hot in the VR game world, so it’s great news if you enjoy truck driving simulations, hunting zombies, or climbing Mt. Everest.

Keep in mind, however, that virtual reality isn’t for everyone. Experiencing motion sickness is very common and nothing to be scoffed at, as the sensation of your mind moving at a faster pace than your body has actually been affecting countless users of virtual reality headsets. After feeling that, an easy game like Pong doesn’t look so bad after all.







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