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Ragnarok Mobile is the mobile 3D version of the beloved Ragnarok Online , A vibrant, magnificent and memorable game that I first played and tested way back in 2002. More than the name, The old and new game is much alike but with Ragnarok Mobile adding new and fun features to the game.

Unlike the other Ragnarok Games like the RO Legend of the Second, although in 3D, RO Mobile retain the spirit of the first RO with a locked camera view mechanics. Please take note that in certain locations and with certain features the view angle can be changed, even in full 3D view!

Currently, RO Mobile is on its PRE-OBT/ Open Beta Test in China and the game is currently in Chinese language. Much of this guide and other guides out there are based on common sense, detective work, tinkering, testing, rough translations and translations by players who understand both Chinese and English language. I on the other hand have 99.99% NO IDEA about Chinese language. All I know is Chinese food taste awesome and in relation with Chinese letters, they look like some hieroglyphic symbols and shapes. One of the good things about RO Mobile is the game itself, even with the BETA game client version, does not require you to be literate in Chinese to understand and have fun.

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~Registration & Download Guide~
~Known Issues & Fix~

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~Character Creation Guide~
~Welcome to Ragnarok Online Mobile~
~User Interface~
~Main Quest & Sub Quest~
~Auto Path System~
~First Head Gear Guide~
~Selfie System (Scenery) Guide~

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Click on the link above to view the Ragnarok Mobile First Job/Class Change Quest Guides.

Let's Begin! >,..,<

NOTE: OPEN BETA will start on January 19th! so you may register now and you can also start downloading the Pre-Obt client now!. Getting familiar with the game mechanics via this guide will also help you have a better gameplay experience.

1: Please CLICK HERE or use this link below to register an account.

2: On the lower left corner webpage please click the Language selection button and select English. In case you don’t have this option, then please use Chrome browser to open the link and click on the "Translate this page" button at the upper right corner.

Note: In case you can't see the text properly, please open the image in a new tab.

3: Click the "Create Account" button.

4: Fill in the required information.

5: After a successful registration, you may now download the PRE-OBT game client. Please CLICK HERE or use this link:

6: Download the 500mb+ Ragnarok Mobile Client using your browser on your PC/Laptop or you can scan the QR Barcode to automatically download the APK on your mobile device.

7: The app should automatically open after installation. If it did not, then please tap the Ragnarok Mobile icon on your device.

8: The app should automatically check and download the patch files. Please take note that the application currently holds around 1.6GB of data. It is best to connect to a FREE/Unlimited and Stable WiFi connection.
8.1 - Progress of the current file being downloaded/patched
8.2 - The current number of files downloaded/patched
8.3 - The total number of files needed to be downloaded/patched

9: Look at this loading screen very carefully. Try to learn to love this image because this will put your patience to the test!

10: Please take note that you have to be logged-in to be able to select a server you can use your TapTap or QQ account or you can create a NEW account. Please follow the instructions below for New account creation.
10.1: Tap the XD.COM account button
Note: You may use your Wechat, QQ, Guest or XD.COM account to log into the game.

10.2: Tap the REGISTER button below:

10.3: Fill in the required information and tap the CONFIRM button.
Note: You will automatically log in after creating a new account.

11: Enter the CAPTCHA as displayed.

12: After logging in, Select your server then tap the TOUCH START GAME

Note: There is only 1 server at the time(CBT server).

1 Not enough storage space - You need at least 2GB for this game alone so please make sure you have enough space BEFORE installing the Ragnarok Mobile APK.

2: Black Screen after installation followed by App not responding - This issue occurs due to a corrupted APK file. Uninstall the corrupted app, re-download the game client/APK and reinstall.

3: Stuck on loading screen - wait at least 5 minutes before doing this step. Tap and Hold your home button, You should see your Ragnarok Mobile window turns small and placed on the right side. Then tap the minimized Ragnarok Mobile game window. IF the window shows the same Loading screen then just give it more time as it is still checking the files... IF the window shows a TOTAL BLACK screen then please exit the app and rerun it again.

4: Disconnected message - tap the yellow button to reconnect. Exiting the app and reopening it will consume more time, but if tapping the yellow button doesn't work then this will be your last resort. IF the server is UNDER MAINTENANCE then please try again later.

5: Stuck in Trying to Connect - make sure that you have a stable connection. Most of the time this occurs due to massive influx of players trying to connect to the server especially after the completion of a server maintenance.

6: KEY REQUIRED - as mentioned before, you need a CBT key to participate on this server.

7: How can i log out or change account or log in another account? Please follow the steps below:
7.1: Tap the account icon on the upper right corner.

7.2: then tap the Red button to log out the current account.

7.3: If you want to log-in again then please select the correct log in type (TapTap, QQ or and enter your Username and Password.

8: Game Crash: The NEW GAME CLIENT should already fix this issue. If you still experience this problem then please check the Suggested Optimized Settings on the Settings Guide.

9: Fail to install: Check your remaining storage capacity and make sure that the space is more than 2GB. For the NEW APK, please try to RENAME the APK file before transferring it to your device.

10: Missing mob/npc/item: Known issue, just restart the game client and it should be fine afterwards.

11: I tapped the quest on the quest tracker but it doesnt show the NPC/Location on the minimap/autopath window: Known issue, thats because the NPC is missing. Please restart your game.

12: I changed my game settings but they still revert back whenever i re-login/login: Known issue and its already reported. Only the devs can work with a fix.

13: I can't enter the game...and i see 100K something: Server Maintenance. The info squared in red is the indication to when the maintenance will be completed.

14: Tap the app, then black screen, then it says "Unforetunately Ragnarok Mobile stopped working": Probably because your current game client is an older version or you installed a corrupted client. Please download the latest version and reinstall.
15: Boards Quest give less EXP Rewards: Known issue and already reported.







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