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Recently I have gained access to Revelation Online CBT2. I delved into this game previously on Asian servers and even though I didn’t understand much about the story and world of Revelation Online, the gameplay and core mechanics were enough to grab my attention. As soon as I saw that we will get a chance to play it fully localized for the western market, I had to get in.

CBT1 and CBT2 didn’t change much as far as I can tell, we only got further performance and bug improvements and they fully translated most of the content. CBT2 didn’t last for too long, only two weeks. On top of that, it was during the Christmas holidays, the time of the year that I play games the least. But nonetheless, I had plenty of time to experience and learn about Revelation Online as much as I could from the limited content in CBT2.

With that said, here is my beginner`s guide for all you folks that are interested in Revelation Online. I know that CBT2 is over now, but there are rumors that CBT3 is on its way and even maybe an open beta phase in the early February. So I am sure you will get a chance to make use of this guide.

Which class should you play?

First of all, you should decide what class to play. If you played a lot of MMORPGs, then you will be familiar with the basics of each class because Revelation Online relies on the standard tank, DPS and support classes with a bit different take on each. There are seven classes in the game, but one, the Assassin, was not available in CBT2.

Vanguard- This is your standard tank class. Vanguard uses a spear to throw powerful stab attacks and a shield to mitigate incoming damage. In defensive stance, you will be able to draw aggro on yourself and use some abilities that are not available in your regular stance. Definitely, try this class if you are into soaking damage for your teammates and being in the front line.

Swordmage- Don’t let the name fool you, this class is a ranged spell caster. Swordmage excels at dealing high damage and CC-ing mobs with its freeze spells. You have an option of three elements, ice, fire, and lightning. You are encouraged to switch between them as much as you want because they combo of each other. So if you like staying in the back and doing tons of damage with spells, this might be the class for you.

Spiritshaper- This is a primary support class in Revelation Online. Spiritshaper is also known as Summoner because you are summoning all sorts of animals like dolphins and snakes to attack your enemies and CC them. Of course, your main job will be to heal your party and resurrect fallen allies. If supporting is what you like, you will have a ton of fun with Spiritshaper.

Gunslinger- As the class name says, you are wielding all sorts of guns, from dual pistols and machine guns to snipers and turrets. You will be dealing damage from afar, but unlike Swordmage this class deals physical damage. With action targeting, Gunslinger feels responsive and pretty fun to play. You will be dodging left and right and dealing huge damage from safe distances.

Blademaster- This class is what I played for the most time. Blademaster is pretty standard melee DPS class, with the ability to fight with two swords or one great sword. You can dash, spin, charge and do all sorts of attacks that deal high amounts of damage. If you want to be up close and personal with your enemies but do a lot of damage instead of tanking, Blademaster is perfect for you.

Occultist- Lastly, we have the Occultist, a mix between DPS and support class. This class is great for players who can’t decide on what to play. With Occultist your primary role will be to deal DPS, but in later levels, you can spec for a full healer. In my experience, you cannot replace Spiritshaper with this class as a primary healer. The Occultist is best used as an off-healer until the late game. Only then you can maybe spec out for full support.

It all comes down to your preferences, but because Revelation Online PvE encounters are highly dependent on the holy trinity of tank, support and DPS, I have a feeling that Vanguards and Spiritshapers are going to be really useful and sought out. Let’s face it, most of us play DPS classes.






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