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ArcheAge Beginner's Guide, Earning Gold With Trade Runs

One of the main of objectives of MMO players, regardless of the genre, is to amass enough of the game’s currency to be able to afford anything available for purchase. This is even more so for a game like ArcheAge, where everything from potatoes to the services of other players can be bought with Gold.
This article will guide you on how to make the most out of the Commerce proficiency of ArcheAge, more specifically trade runs, and earn large amount of Gold everyday. Note that this guide will focus on specialty trade packs created on the Eastern continent of Haranya.

Trade packs and trade are accessible to players starting from level 30. This craft will delight all those who wish to live as merchants, taking specialties from one region to another for highest possible profit. If your idea of “winning” in ArcheAge is ​​finishing your days in one of your numerous secondary residences with the best decors and items, you will have to get started with trade runs or another.

The best part is that you do not need the Patron status to do trade runs, and can get started as soon as you reach the required level.

If you already know about the trade runs mechanics and the quest to get your donkey, simply skip to the Trade Routes part of this article for the best trade packs.


The are two distinct parts to a trade run:

The first is to create a trade pack. The can be standard or advanced specialty packs created at the regions workbench (screenshot below), or aged packs that you will create on your farm, among others.
This second will require you (or someone else) traveling and taking the trade pack to other regions for Gold (on the same continent) or resources and Gilda Stars (on other continents).

If you are still new to the game and trade runs, you might want to focus on doing Gold trade runs on your own continent as these take less time and greatly reduce the risks of getting attacked.

Getting started

Upon reaching level 30, you will unlock a quest in Tigerspine that will introduce you to trade runs and even give you a donkey to make your travels easier (and later along the questline reward you with a 16x16 scarecrow farm).

This quest will require you to make a Tigerspine Tigerspaw Pancakes, created with ground grains and milk, and deliver it to Mahadevi.

Once that is done and you get your first donkey, it’ll be time to start considering trade routes.

Trade routes

At the moment, there are 3 main trade packs that you will want to run to maximize your profits in the least amount of time.

Falcorth Plains Trade Packs
Route - Falcorth Plains to Villanelle

This is by far one of the easiest trade runs in ArcheAge. While Falcorth Plains are Villanelle are technically 3 regions away from each other, the airship allows you to get to your destination in more or less 10 minutes by crossing mountains. You receive nearly 10 Gold per pack, which means about 60 Gold per hour.

Route - Falcorth Plains to Rookborne Basin

While this run takes more time than the Villanelle run and can only be run safely during Peace time in Rookborne, it give an additional 2 gold per pack. It is also a good alternative in case a lot of people are running the Falcorth Plains to Villanelle packs and bringing its value down.

Route - Falcorth Plains to Ynystere

Just like the Falcorth to Rookborne, this pack can only be run during Peace time, and takes more or less 25mins to run with a donkey.

I would not exactly recommend doing this one the traditional way, aka make a pack and deliver it right away. Instead, get some land in either Silent Forest (which is the best option), or Villanelle (as an alternative), and store as many Falcorth packs as you can there. Once Ynystere is in Peace time, simply deliver the packs with your donkey, or cart/wagon if you have one.

You will receive 14-16 Gold per pack, making this one of he highest paying runs for Falcorth packs.

Rookborne Basin Trade Packs
Route Rookborne Basin to Falcorth Plains

This one has a little trick to it. While most would expect the airship to be the fastest way to complete this one, you can actually climb over the mountains using backdrop in the area around the specialty workbench.

The following video should explain this better:

Rokhala Mountains Trade Packs
Route - Rokhala Mountains to Solis Headlands

And finally, here come the highest paying trade run on the whole Haranya continent. While it does take a lot of time to get to Solis from Rokhala, Advanced packs give 24 Gold, while Standard packs give 22 Gold.

I would recommend using the same tactic as with Ynystere runs. Take the packs one at a time to Falcorth, where you will hopefully have land to store them on. Once you have enough there, take them to Solis with your cart or wagon (donkey not recommended), and earn 66 Gold to 72 Gold per run.









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