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Lil' Conquest Christmas Mascot is Coming to Celebrate Christmas and New Year

Apart from preparing various free gifts for all its players during the Christmas and New Year week, Lil’ Conquest will also release a special Christmas hero to help players conquer and expand their territory in this year’s Christmas festival.

Lil’ Conquest, a strategy game where players can decorate village with dazzling Christmas trees and bash enemies with Santa Claus, will release a Christmas mascot to celebrate the game’s first Christmas and New Year with various events. Players have been asking us, "Will we get gifts?" Don’t worry! Apart from bringing gifts with Santa Claus, Lil’ Conquest’s Christmas hero will also fight for players to help them conquer the world. Please keep reading to check more details about our events or visit Lil’ Conquest official site directly here: http://www.lilconquest.com/
Lil’ Conquest Christmas and New Year events start with the most interesting activity - Light Up Christmas Tree. There are eight Christmas present boxes prepared for players every day. Players will have a free chance to open one box each day which contains a code and a letter. The other seven present boxes can be opened by purchasing in-game currency. Once players get any letter among “Merry Christmas”, the letter will be lit up on Christmas Tree. If players have all the letters among “Merry”, “Christmas” or “Merry Christmas”, they will be rewarded a gift among flowerbed (scenery that can improve village production), Sun Tzu (purple hero) and St. Zhang (golden hero), Please feel free to join this event here: http://lc.loygame.com/activity/merrychristmas2016.

If the Christmas Tree event is the most interesting activity, the Christmas mascot would be the most exciting one for players. The new cavalry hero, Rudolph, is specially released for helping players expand territory during Christmas. With Rudolph as a cavalry captain, there will be 500% damage to enemies in battlefield. Rudolph also has lucky star skill as a common cavalry fighter since the cavalry damage will be increased to 150%-200% with this hero in battle. Players can get Rudolph by purchasing 3k red diamonds which is 50%off during Dec. 25 ~ Dec. 27.

Lil’ Conquest prepared various free gifts to satisfy its players as long as players can log in the game during the Christmas and New Year week. For players who want to get the in-game currency red diamonds freely, Lil’ Conquest will provide a paywall to let players complete tasks. Players will win a certain number of red diamonds through accomplishing these tasks such as watching a video, answering questions, or doing other easy work.
There are many other events during Christmas and New Year. Please visit Lil' Conquest forum to check details: http://forums.loygame.com/forumdisplay.php?53-News-amp-Events.






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