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ArcheAge Revelation Guide: 3 Ways to Earn Gold Right Now

With the launch of the Revelation update and the promise of p2w free servers (for a while), ArcheAge managed to put itself at the center of the MMO scene once again, gaining thousands of returning and new players. And if you are one of those and that you don't intend to spend money on the game, your main concern is probably to buy as many Apex as possible before prices go up.

Call it what you want, but ArcheAge is, and has always been, a Sandbox/Themepack hybrid. In practice, this means that there are different ways for you to spend your time in the game and develop your character, and just as many ways to earn gold. And while I will discuss these in later guides, I'll tell you about how to earn gold fast in ArcheAge right here, right now.

There are three main ways to earn gold in ArcheAge at the moment, some obvious, others not so much.


This came as a surprise to me as well. While I knew that the launch of new servers would give logs some decent value, what I didn't expect was for them to be the most valuable resources in the game's market. Think about it. Thousands of players are currently evolving across the different servers, with a good portion of the community focusing on building houses, farms and boats. That means that everyone is out there looking for logs, bringing the value of a single log to 30 silvers.

This means that by logging a single basic tree and earning 3-5 logs, you've already earned 1 gold, possibly more. Log 100 trees (again assuming you only cut down basic ones, with advanced ones giving as many as 7-12 logs) and you've earned yourself 100 gold coins, enough to buy an Apex on the North American servers.

So basically, just go out there and log everything you see. Prime locations for wild logs on the East continent are:
  • Silent forest - Old Trees
  • Rookborne Basin - Apple Trees
  • Rokhala Mountains - Apple Trees and Cedar Trees
Feeling more adventurous? Take your glider and make your way up mountains to find some illegal farms. Or just plant your own illegal forest. But be careful in conflict zones, as you may end up having to fight for them quite literally.

Daily Quests

ArcheAge has a bunch of daily Merit Quests that players can complete to earn Merit Badges, and up to 60 gold, depending on their levels.

Members of a family also get an extra quest where they need to deliver a pack from the Blue Salt Brotherhood headquarters to a specific Community Center. While it does take some time to complete, especially if you have no vehicle/donkey, this quest does reward players with 10 gold.

Vocation Badges

Finally, if you've been keeping up with the ArcheAge news, then you should know that the 3.0 update also placed more emphasis on Vocation Badges, certain animals (cows, yatas, bears), seeds and saplings only being available from Vocation Vendors. You can even buy T1 Dawnsdrop armor with vocation badges.

Need some extra gold? Sell some of these vocation items, or save up until you get enough for a Majestic Tree. This tree allows players to harvest it immediately after being placed, yielding as many as 1000 logs in one go. Even better, they can be harvested up 10 times, although there is a cooldown of 7 hours. But considering that nearly no one currently has the land to required to place one of these, you will have to place one in the wild, and hope no one finds it too soon.









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