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The 5 Biggest Changes Waiting For You In ArcheAge Revelation

The 3.0 update of ArcheAge, named ArcheAge Revelation, is almost upon us. A lot of you are probably already planning to move from legacy servers to the fresh ones, but what’s waiting for you there? Here are 5 of the most important changes this 3.0 update will be introducing.

New Races

Impossible for you to have missed this one if you’ve been keeping up with the ArcheAge news, two new classes will be included in Revelation. These new races will have their own unique lore quests, and will also possess combat forms.

  • Alliance: Nuia
  • Starting Zone: Aubre Cradle
  • Mount: Airain Rock Boar
  • Companion: Mini Miner
  • Battle Form: Juggernaut

  • Alliance: Haranya
  • Starting Zone: Sunbite Wilds
  • Mount: Scale Pangolin
  • Companion: Hedgehog
  • Battle Form: Ravager

Tax Changes

Let’s face it, with ArcheAge 3.0, XL Games has decided to make things harder for the crafters/farmers community. And this starts with the taxes paid by landowners, which has been increased for players owning more than 2 properties. Changes are as follows:
  • Characters who own 1-2 building will be charged the base amount of tax per structure for a 0% increase.
  • Characters who own 3 buildings will now be charged 100% tax instead of 50%.
  • Characters who own 4 buildings will now be charged 150% tax instead of 100%.
  • Characters who own 5 buildings will now be charged 200% tax instead of 150%.
  • Characters who own 6 buildings will now be charged 250% tax instead of 200%.
  • Characters who own 7 buildings will now be charged 400% tax instead of 250%.

As you can guess, some will welcome this change (which will help fix the land availability issue) while other will without a doubt hate it (looking at you land barons).

Vocation Points/Farming changes

As of 3.0, certain livestock animals, seeds and saplings will no longer be available from merchants for gold/silver/bronze. Indeed, dairy calves, for example, will cost as much as 300 vocation points per head. And while there will be new ways to obtain vocation points, this will surely make mass killing cows for pelts much harder. And as if that wasn’t enough, livestock cages will now require a proficiency of 180,000 to be crafted, while pens will require a proficiency of 230,000 (Famed).

Players haven’t been too vocal about these changes. Not because they don’t care about them, but rather because they’ve been quietly preparing for them buy buying and crafting anything that would be harder to find in 3.0, without letting the competition in on it.

Trade Runs/Packs

While traders will be affected enough by the above changes (materials being harder to find = higher prices), XL Games decided to scale the nerfs up to these players as well by increasing the amount of materials needed per pack. Moreover, advanced speciality packs now require one gilda star per pack, which will be a huge deterrent for some.

On the positive side, the labor cost of trade pack has been reduced from 60 lp to 50 lp, but that barely compensates for anything.

Skills Changes/Abyssal Skills

And finally, the PvP aspect of the game was not forgotten, developers including a number of changes meant to make the different skillsets more interesting. Find all the changes here.

But the most interesting one of them all is the introduction of Abyssal skills. “These new end-game abilities provide a path to continue progression once a character has reached maximum level in a skill tree. Only one of a character’s three active trees can have the abyssal skillset enabled at a time, allowing further character class definition.”

Abyssal skills can only be accessed once you have at least one skill at level 55 (skill level, not character level), unlocking a new quest line introducing them to the lore up until you reach the “The Queen’s Chamber” area. Once there, you will have to spend 1 Specialization Snowflake to unlock the Abyssal skill tree of your choice.


It seems clear that the developers are trying to impose more limitations upon farmers and traders, possibly to steer them towards the other ways of earning gold in the game (it isn’t uncommon to find players doing nothing but trade runs all day everyday). The PvP changes, on the other hand, seem really promising, but we can only wait to see how the community reacts to them.






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