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Hero Entertainment acquired in July 2016, and now their VR division HeroVR is currently working on several VR projects including Crisis Action VR, a Counter Strike style FPS played on Virtuix Omni's VR gaming platform. We just sat down with Wang Kun, the development director of the company's Shanghai office for more details of Crisis Action VR and Virtuix Omni's gaming platform.
Wang Kun

Virtuix Omni can minimize the motion sickness

Hero Entertainment believes that with a dedicated VR platform like Virtuix Omni, players can get the best VR gaming experience without worrying motion sickness. "With Virtuix Omni, what you do on that platform transfers to what you can see in the headset, this synchronization reduces the motion sickness to the minimum," says Want Kun, "and that makes games absolutely accessible for almost everyone from kids to grown-ups."

Virtuix Omni Harness

Currently there are 3 different sizes of harnesses for different users. There will be more in the future, according to Wang, for children and elder people.
You may have seen several games can be played on Virtuix Omni but you may still wonder how many games will be available on Virtuix Omni. Wang says they are now developing more games for Virtuix Omni while more than 20 other developers and studios are also making game contents for the VR platform.
A full Virtuix Omni package could be around $5,000 USD

Now how much will Virtuix Omni cost? Wang Kun points out they are focusing on arcade hall at this moment and the one-player package is about $5000 USD while the 5-player package is over $40,000 USD. He stresses that this is an estimated price for China and Southeastern market. They'll have to negotiate with local partners to decide the price for western market. Their strategy is not selling Virtuix Omni to individual players but to arcade halls, malls, bars, and even gyms. They want players go to those places and play the game with friends.   
A 2-player Virtuix Omni package

Virtuix Omni will be released to the market in the US, Middle East and Southeastern Asia between late January and early February. It may first be available in the largest malls in large cities but gradually, it will be deployed to more places.
Crisis Action VR is a CS-style competitive game for Virtuix Omni

Crisis Action VR is played on PC but the game aims at arcade hall market first. Unlike VR games we play at home on our own PC, Crisis Action VR com focuses on 6-10 minutes of competitive experience with or against other players.
Crisis Action is a popular mobile FPS in China and Southeastern market. Crisis Action VR optimizes the experience by introducing in the gun peripheral and improving the combat pace. Wang told us that their goal is to allow players to get the core experience of the game in less than 10 minutes' battle. What's more, the game's online multiplayer system allows players to login their account in any licensed arcade halls and they won't lose their progress, equipment and other game data. It also allows a player in Shanghai's arcade hall to match to another player in Beijing fast, according to Wang.

An important and interesting feature of Crisis Action VR is how it makes use of Virtuix Omni's functions. Wang says Crisis Action VR allows players to jump, run, step back and do other complex actions in their own pace.
Unlike traditional games in arcade halls, Crisis Action VR promises regular content update so when players come back next time, they see something new. "For instances, players would come to play in Christmas, and we have Christmas content for them. Since the game is connected to our server, we can actively update the content, and that's what the traditional arcade games can't do."






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