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ArcheAge Invites You to Start Over with Revelation





Have you ever gone back to an MMO and decided to just start over completely with a new account? I’m betting quite a few of you have. Have you ever made a new account to play an update to a game? I’ll take a guess that not many if any have. Have you ever started a new account for an update at the request of the developers on a large scale? No? I’m not sure it happens often, if at all, but that’s exactly what ArcheAge is asking players to do if they want a fresh start.

On Saturday ArcheAge is launching Revelation in an endeavor that will see the game come offline for 12 hours. With it will be new races, new zones, and new servers. These new servers have a bit of a twist, though. You can only play on them if you start a brand new account. You see, these servers are a fresh start completely new worlds where nothing has been claimed and everyone is starting over as though it were launch day. If you’ve been playing ArcheAge you may recall that they did this previously without requiring you to start a new account. It was a fun experience, but there was a lot of feedback about long time players having a bit of an advantage because of various account wide features. The only way to get around those is to start with a brand new account, so that’s exactly what Trion are asking everyone to do.

Now to be clear, you don’t HAVE to play on these new servers. You can play on the old ones, even rolling up a new Dwarf, but you will be at a disadvantage doing so. These servers have been populated for years, land has been claimed. You’ll have to work harder to get anywhere. Or, you can join the fresh start servers and it will be like launch day all over again. Things won’t be the same on these new servers either. Specifically, the amount of gold in the world will be massively decreased. They’re removing some of the easiest and fastest ways that people have been pumping gold into the economy, which will have some serious, long-term changes in the game.

Of course, these servers won’t be exactly like launch day. The guides have already been written, veterans will know where to go and what to do. People will be making a bee line for choice land. I can guarantee that there are many people out there who have been planning for these new servers and starting a new account for weeks. They’ve got a checklist of what they need to do, maybe they’ve even scheduled Monday off from work/school just so they can get ahead in this new world. This kind of opportunity doesn’t come around in MMOs often, if ever.

So, if you want to give ArcheAge a try Revelation comes out this Saturday, and depending on if you’ll be playing on EU or NA you will have different downtimes and different start times.
It all begins with European servers at 3AM UTC on Saturday. At that time all EU servers will be taken offline for 12 hours. At 3PM the servers will begin coming back online. One every 15 minutes or so as Trion makes sure each one comes online smoothly. They won’t announce any order that will take place in until it’s actually happening, so keep an eye on the ArcheAge social media.

North American servers will go offline at 1 AM Pacific time on Saturday and remain offline for 12 hours. At 1PM, just as with the EU servers, the North American servers will begin coming back online.
All of this is being done on a Saturday to give players the best chance at being there right when the flip is switched and the servers come back online. This is also why no matter how much time the update actually takes they won’t turn the servers back on early. Trion will be sticking to that 12-hour schedule so there are no surprises.

Does this new approach to servers interest you? Would you like to see other MMOs give it a try? It makes you wonder what this sort of approach would be like for some of the older MMOs like World of Warcraft. Would they see a renewed interest in the game similar to when Everquest released their first progression servers? This has certainly grabbed my interest as I wasn’t able to play ArcheAge when it first launched and by the time I could I felt like the entire thing was an uphill battle. 






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