The Good, the Bad, and the Bungie: Destiny 2 News and Leaks

Over the past couple months we have been getting little bits and pieces about the next Destiny game. However November was a big month for Destiny news. What kind of news you may ask? Well the kind that will make you either get angry or happy, or you may not care I don’t know. Either way, this has been gaining a lot of traction over the past couple weeks so if you’re a fan of Destiny and don’t know what you missed, well here you go.

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This is a possible trailer art logo that was leaked.

First let’s get this out for anybody who doesn’t know. About three months ago, Bungie released concept art for possible new subclasses in Destiny 2. Supposedly rejected concept art from a freelance artist who was temporarily hired to create the artwork, so this is not the official artwork but could be possible subclasses we could see in Destiny 2. The image shows us a Hunter with a spear, a Titan with a Shield, and a Warlock with wings and a sword. Since these images were removed so quickly after their initial post, it’s possible that it could be the real deal and they could be the new subclasses. We’ll never really know until a trailer comes out for Destiny 2, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Hunter, Titan and Warlock possible subclass supers.

It’s time for the big news that might piss everybody off. Actually it’s gonna piss everybody off. There will be no character transfer from Destiny to Destiny 2. This was recently released by a Kotaku writer Jason Schreier, who has some inside connections into Bungie. The Devs want Destiny 2 to feel like a completely new game. If this means we will be leaving old characters that we spent 3 years working on then Bungie will do it which honestly is a bad move, because it doesn’t give any players that been here since Year One (like me) any incentive to get Destiny 2. It is possible Bungie will offer veterans of the first Destiny something to commemorate their hard work but who knows for sure (Please God be true.)  Although some of these decisions have not been finalized, it’s gonna be hard to say goodbye to the characters we put so much love into, and I love my all my characters. To see them not make it into Destiny 2 is kind of depressing.
I love my amazing Hunter, okay Warlock, and nooby Titan

Here’s probably news that will make a lot of people happy. Destiny 2 is coming to PC!! If you have a PC and missed out on Destiny well be prepared because the second game is coming to you. Also released by Jason Schreier of Kotaku, the PC port comes as a surprise to Destiny players, as Sony has been getting most of the exclusive content for Destiny. One can only assume the Destiny PC port will come after the initial game for consoles is released. Bungie has not given us any details on a PC port other than that, so PC players better get hyped!

Get ready for it, on PC.

Now I know what you’re asking. “How big will Destiny 2 be compared to the original game?” Well I have that answer. A couple months ago we got some leaked info about how big the game will be by a mysterious user named shinobi602. A person who works within the game industry and has a good history of leaking true info. In Destiny 2 we’ll be getting this new activity called “play-in destinations” which is basically a revamped version how the planets function currently. Supposedly the plan is make the planets feel more populated with towns, outposts and quests that are a lot better than the patrol system we currently have. Now that alone sounds interesting, and also gets you wondering how the devs are gonna do it. This also means you don’t have to be stopped by 10 different menus (exaggeration) and such to go and make decisions. Instead you’ll still be in control of your character making activity decisions without leaving the world to go into Orbit, Destiny’s current activity hub. This is a huge step up in my opinion but it doesn’t stop there. You’re going to be going to Saturn, which supposedly bigger than all the playable areas combined. Now that, is something I’m definitely looking forward to. Imagine exploring Saturn and it’s rings, now that would be effing amazing! It is unclear if old areas from D1 will be reintroduced in D2 more fleshed out, but if that is the case we’ll probably have to fight for it and that is gonna be fun.
Imagine exploring this beauty!
The changes don’t stop there however. There are also major story changes in Destiny 2. Apparently in The Taken King expansion, we really pissed off the Cabal (The giant armored ninja turtles that always hung out on Mars.) and they are bringing the main force of their army into our Solar System. They didn’t like how we kept killing their lieutenants on Mars, The Prison of Elders, or the Dreadnaught. So the main focus of the game will be on the Cabal and our fight against them. There will also be new enemies and factions introduced in Destiny 2. So maybe we’ll see a beastial type of character in the game and maybe even play as one! You never know…

We’ll be fighting these guys.
This may be minor but for all graphics nuts out there this is for you. Currently Destiny is using a heavily modified version of the engine that brought you the Halo games. While Destiny is quite a beautiful game for such an old engine Destiny 2 aims to fix that. Destiny 2 is getting rid of the old engine entirely and is being made on a shiny new one. I guess it explains why D2 was pushed back until 2017. If you think Destiny looks great now, wait until D2 comes out. That will something to look at. Imagine all of the gorgeous scenery everywhere….Ahhhhh….Sorry, sometimes I like to stop and take a look at my surroundings when I play games. It’s just me though.

If you think this looks beautiful, imagine what Destiny 2 might look like!
Let’s talk about how Destiny 2 will be handling additional content. As we know, Destiny 1 has had many dry periods where people disappeared between Live Events like: SRL, Festival of the Lost, and Iron Banana and major DLC releases. Destiny 2 aims to fix that as well. We will be able to see far more content being released in between yearly releases of the what can I assume be subsequent DLC following Destiny 2’s launch. This means more live events, or even smaller free DLC like what The Dark Below and House of Wolves were. Whatever the case may be, we still don’t have enough info on what that could mean for the future of Destiny. I just hope they don’t make any more overpriced Season Passes. Dear God let’s not let that happen again.

Remember this? Yeah let’s never do that again.
Finally let’s talk about a possible release date. All we know as of right now is that Destiny 2 is releasing sometime in 2017. We can only guess the release date at this point since we still have a bunch of time to enjoy the Rise of Iron DLC that dropped in September. From what I can assume, Destiny 2 either should or could be released in between the dates of September 9th (The Original Destiny release date) and September 20th (The Rise of Iron DLC release date) whatever the case may be, it’s only speculation. The game may even be delayed until October if need be. Well Bungie, I’ve made my guess, it’s your turn now my friend.
Your move Bungie, what will it be?
So what do you think of all the information that has been leaked so far? Did you enjoy it? Did it get you hyped? Or do you not care, and did Bungie and Activision’s job with the first Destiny turn you off to the whole idea of a second Destiny game? Leave your comments down below and thank you for reading this article! Destiny 1 is now available as a collection for $60.00 featuring everything Destiny 1 has to offer including: The Base Game, The Dark Below, House of Wolves, The Taken King and The Rise of Iron. So if you haven’t played D1 yet and want to, in words of Shia Labeouf…..”DO IT!!!”

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