Gigantic - Quick Preview of The Closed Beta

Developed by the independent studio Motiga, Gigantic is a MOBA featuring two teams of five players, each supported by a Guardian, a giant beast that they must protect but also use offensively. In addition to this element, Gigantic is based on a colorful art direction and an Asian-inspired all action gameplay. Currently in closed beta, it shouldn’t be too long now until the game is available to all.

Gigantic rests on the foundations of a classic MOBA but brings a touch of originality and manages to stand out from other games in the genre. Indeed, its graphic style is very oriented towards cartoons, with beautiful bright colors. There are also some conventional mechanics that have been reworked, making gameplay original and pleasant.

In terms of gameplay, as mentioned above, Gigantic's matches involve two teams defending their guardian. These titans also need power points to attack their rival, points that are acquired by killing enemy monsters and, later in the match, by killing enemy players. It can even be stolen from enemy guardians, which is why they need to be defended. After being powered up, your guardian will attack the opponent and put it to the ground. This is where you and your team need to get involved, attacking the enemy guardian before it gets back to its feet. Defeating the enemy guardian, that possesses 3 life bars, is basically the objective you need to accomplish to win the match.
Another way of gaining power points for your guardian is by capturing targets. Once captured, these targets generate power points, but will need to be protected from other players. To help, you can summon monsters that can either damage opponents, heal allies, or spot enemies.

This is an interesting mechanic because a bad choice of monster, based on which of these 3 roles you need, can really be disabling. In the closed beta, there were 3 targets on each side, plus a last one in the center where the team could summon a monster that generates power points for them. This monster had to be defended because if the opposing team managed to kill it, they earned power points for their guardian.
Getting back to the map in itself, it is very colorful and really captures the screen. It has landforms, not necessarily very high, but enough to make the gameplay reliant on the positioning. Indeed, remember that the game is as much a shooter as a MOBA, and that you’ll need to take cover at time to avoid taking too much damage needlessly. You can even use these landforms to your advantage, launching surprise attacks on unsuspecting enemies by dropping on them from above.

Regarding the champions, classic archetypes are included: DPS, Healing/Support and Tank. Each character has unique abilities and that related to the character style. You have the attacks on the mouse buttons, and spells on your keyboard. You move your character with the WASD keys allowing Gigantic to offer a quite immersive gameplay!
Outside of the game, you can choose which creature you can invoke in. You have three basic creatures at your disposal, but you can unlock new ones with the points you earn by accomplishing your goals.

They are presented as cards that you fill as you progress in the objectives of the cards. Accomplishing these goals will give you points to buy new heroes, unlock new creatures and most likely many others by the release of the game.

That’s all for now. Obviously, before the game's release, we can count the addition of new cards and various other heroes, as well as a slight polishing of the gameplay and graphics. Regardless, Gigantic is already worthy of being counted among the competitive games of the moment.









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