Dofus Touch Review - The World of Twelve As We Know It

A true mobile MMORPG? We all wished for it, and Ankama certainly did it. Dofus Touch is simply a copy of the PC version of DOFUS, a MMORPG from the French studio. Nothing has been removed for this mobile version, save for one thing... the subscription system. Yes you read right, DOFUS Touch is entirely free to play. Those of you that already played the PC version, no need to read any further, you already know that this game is beautiful and rich. As for others, the adventure that awaits you will be long and perilous but the game is definitely worth it.
But before we get there, you’ll start by creating a character. No fewer than 15 classes wait for you: Iop, Eniripsa, Sadida, Osamodas, Feca, Enutrof or Xelor, to cite a few. And yes, the classes have original names (we’ll let you decode then) that set the tone: let it be said, the humor and word play will be everywhere during your epic. But putting that aside for now, the choice of a class can be agonizing, each class having its own specialty (tanking, support, DPS) and different difficulty levels.
Once that choice is made, it will be possible to customize your character somewhat. Color of clothes and accessories, skin tone, hair and face. Once that is done, the World of Twelve will finally open its doors to you. A world full of creatures sometimes cue, funny, alcoholic or downright creepy. 

Incarnam will be your first playground. This tutorial area will teach you about the basics of Dofus Touch. Quests, crafts, farming, gathering, and so on. Once you’ve been through the quests in the area, the game will have no secrets for you...almost. For Dofus contains countless challenges, puzzles and so on.

Reaching the max level, set at 200, will require quite a bit of grinding. To that end, tons of monsters await you, especially in the many dungeons scattered around the map. Which brings us to the first of the two downside of the game (only for some players). Dofus Touch indeed has little interest for players who like soloing. Dungeons are extremely demanding and will nearly always require a team to be cleared. The turn based combat system, while being rather simple at first, will be more tactical than it seems. Remember that each class has a role, and while you are allowed some liberty with your playstyle, straying too far from that set role can prove to be fatal. Interesting note, every fight has a bonus challenge that, if successfully completed, may significantly increase rewards and exp.
The game also features an impressive array of weapons, and, sometimes, putting together certain outfits and accessories will add a nice set of effects. You can even make combinations to best suit your class and/or playstyle. As mentioned above, Dofus Touch players are allowed some liberty with the builds of their characters, and a ranged DPS can be turned into a tank, albeit not as effective as pure ones.

Another downside of the game, while somewhat expected, is the presence of microtransactions and premium currency that allow you to progress faster. Nothing really needed to play the game, but enough to make some players feel like those that are paying have a huge advantage. But worry not, with a good team looting dungeons, or if you decide to get deep into one of the crafts, making money will be easy. As stated above, Dofus Touch is designed for cooperation between players. Obviously, like any good MMORPG it will be possible to group together in guild for more efficiency. 
Finally, the game has two factions that fight over the World of Twelve. The Bontarians are the good ones, wishing for peace and the likes, while the Brakmarians are basically those who chose the dark side. Challenging a player of the opposing clan in PvP brings honor points and bragging rights. The Kolossium also allows you to cum on the face as a team. In short there is plenty to do!


DOFUS Touch is thus a perfect mobile copy of the PC version. Due to the nature of the platform, microtransactions will unfortunately hold an important place. But if you have the patience to play normally, without the ambition to be the best right away, the game is entirely free to play. And nothing has been removed: dungeons, guilds, conquests, PvP and PvE events, nothing is missing. The only thing we could possibly find fault in is the game’s difficulty when it comes to playing solo.










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