Hack 'n' Slash MMO MU Legend Closed Beta Review

History and Information

MU Legend is a hack 'n' slash MMORPG developed and published by Webzen and the game's first close beta starts on October 25, 2016. It is the sequel to MU Online - one of the earliest 3D MMORPGs in South Korea. Originally named MU2, the game was announced in 2004, but its development actually began in 2009.

MU Legend features 4 classes (with one in development)  with two races of each. Choose to be a Blader - Human or Kanturu, Dark Lord - Human or Ashas, War Mage - Human or Ashas, or a Whisperer - Human or Elf ( the classes are gender locked). Level up as you fight mobs, gain experience and unlock stronger abilities. Pick up loot to craft gear, and join a party with friends to experience the group dungeons. MU Legend features a guild system, a quest system, skill trees, and different game modes/dungeon objectives.

Gameplay and Mechanics

It's a point-and-click game. Skills and spells can be executed using the default Q,W,E,R,T keys. As for the potions and other stuff, players can set them on the default 1-5 keys. In the later levels of the game, a player will have too many skills for their hotbar. This is where the F keys comes in handy. You can save various skill sets in this manner. For example, my F1 setup is for AoE training and party play while my F2 hotbar is set to tanking and healing spells mainly for boss battles, F3 for my PvP and for whatever you like. You are able to switch between the skill sets anywhere and anytime as long as there are no skills that are under cooldown. Players can also unlock special rune slots to their skills by successfully using them a lot of times . Once a slot is unlocked, a player can then equip passive runes on to the skills to receive special stat bonuses (For a first rune I recommend +power on the damaging skills just because it does most damage and other things like armor penetration don't matter in early game).Most of the PvE content of the game is really easy.

Most people would enjoy killing 30 monsters per quest, but MU Legend  makes players kill 3-5 monsters per quest or mobs with low health. It's pretty convenient because you're moving from area to area really fast changing sceneries often, which also prevents getting bored of grinding the same zone for hours ( even though I'm into more grindy games). If you've had enough of the quest hub questing, you can opt out of the sub quests and just focus on the main story quests and dungeons along the way,but I recommend you do them because they give you lots of exp (and for me it's very fun ). The dungeons in this game have various difficulty settings and offers a maximum of 400% boost in drop rate and a ton of Exp boost. However, it's not really worth the trouble to play the hardest setting unless you want a challenge. Most players will select the easiest difficulty just to level up and reach the cap fast.

Aside from having normal leveling, the game also offers Soul Levels at the start of the game. Soul Levels are like extra stats that you can use to make your character become stronger. These stats are like Physical Attack, Magic Attack, Attack Speed, Crit Chance, Magic Def, Phys Def, and more. For example, upon hitting the Closed Beta level cap let's say 65, the Soul Levels can be around level 55. You can no longer gain main levels, but you can continue to farm stuff and earn more Soul Levels. The Soul Levels window has a lot of stats, so it will actually take a lot of time and effort to max them all out. It's not something that can be maxed easily as most of the things max out at 60 soul points (or 30).  You will be able to reset your points you put on the special stats (the more points you've put the more it costs) and distribute it into other tabs anytime you want. There is also a pet system where you can raise the pet's effects and stats.Some pets will fight with you while some are passive but have better effects in my opinion.







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