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MU is one of the very first 3D MMORPG that was released way back 2003. In 2004 the first rumors of a MU2 being developed first surfaced but not until 2009 was the game development really started. On 2011 the very first trailer of the MU2 was showcased, the game is based on Unreal Engine and shares many familiar features with the first MU. Last year, MU2 was renamed to MU Legend and last 3 days ago, October 25th, was the start of its Closed Beta Test (Global).

Lore Introduction:
After logging in and selecting your server, you will have a glimpse of the game lore and an introduction to some of the characters. The very first scene is haunting, catastrophic and dramatic. This is your typical "the world is going to end", Good vs Evil scenario with great art and plot twist. One of those twist is a great sage named Kundun who sealed Sekneum the god of destruction inside his body. After a thousand years, Kundun lost the fight with Sekneum inside him and the great sage is now the embodiment of darkness he ones tried to defeat. With only the city of Lorencia left standing, you have to go to Kethatoom and help Icarus to seal Kundun.
Most of the games I played have a class selection screen that only shows very limited information on how the class looks like and a little preview of the class background info, MU Legend is different

Class Selection:
Although gender locked, MU Legend currently offers 5 classes. 4 playable class and 1 that is currently "in preparation". The 5 classes are the Dark Lord, Blader, War Mage, Whisperer and the tease Emphasizer (in preparation). The MU Legend class selection screen shows off a selected class skill rotation video which you can see on the lower right corner. On the same screen, you can also view the character wearing 5 of the armor/cloth set along with the 2 alternating class weapons.

Class recommended tactics and skill preview:
Still on the class selection screen, you may click on the "See recommended tactics" button to view the 2 recommended class builds that are based on each of the 2 weapons that the selected class can equip. The selected builds also have main difference such as one build focus more survival/tanking while the other build is more of a damage dealer, others focus on sustainable high damage output while the alternate build have more strategy in mind. By hovering your mouse cursor over the skill icons, you will see a complete and clear description of the skills along with a video showing the skill in action.

Character Design:
You may design your character after clicking the "Appearance settings" button on the class selection screen. The appearance settings screen is equipped with different facial/head, facial options along with facial and body tattoos which are a work of art! You may also choose the color for all the 4 options. Limited options for now and surely there’s more to come, even though, the character designs are beyond beautiful, they are gorgeous!

Race and Class:
Each class is equipped with 2 race options.

The HUMANS: Your typical race which dominates all the playable class.

Class affinity
Dark Lord, Blader, War Mage, Whisperer and probably Emphasizer too!
The Kanturu: Glaring eyes surrounded by a scary built. They speak power and brutality.

Class affinity: Blader.

The Ashas: Reminds me of the frost giants in a movie (Thor). Cold spear eyes with a body built that seems to send shivers through your spine.
Class Affinity: Dark Lord and War Mage.

The Elf: Elves, beauty is not enough. Gorgeous creatures... *cough* wifu material *cough*...

Class Affinity: Whisperer

Race: ?_? probably human or elf? or another race named "mini minotaur"? Dwarven maybe?

Class Affinity: Emphasizer (in preparation)
Video of the MU Legend Lore introduction, Class and Character creation preview:

Note: I apologize for the low quality video. I recorded this on my new machine and forgot to change the settings on my video recorder. You may skip the skill previews if you want, but I suggest that you check out the skill videos. Max quality is at 480p... 720p will be uploaded soon...

Do you agree with my race descriptions? How much time did you spend in creating your character? Tell us on the comment section below.







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