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Druid Ranking Deck - Force of Nature





This deck helps me climb to level 3 in one week, but failed to go any more. Since the metagame changed quite a bit with the latest strategies and classes, I start to fresh with something that works well. By "fresh", I mean really fresh! I always change this deck for better performance in PvP. However, it seems that more players in high rank are eager to play rush and may be that is the reason this deck couldn’t go any further. Anyway, I think that it is definitely good enough for you guys who are struggling in lower rank. If you can offer these cards, go it!

The deck has been going to undergo some changes as I play through the Hearthstone ladder. The metagame shifts throughout the day every day, and so I change my decks rapidly. I once chose Earthen Ring Farseer and Priestess of Elune to play against Mage aggro decks, but I pick Harvest Golem finally. And Big Game Hunter is my favorites when playing against Warlock giant decks or fatties like Ragnaros. To be honest, this deck isn't entirely easy to play: You need to know what your opponent is capable of. You need to know when to really hold back, or to go all-in, or bait out some removals.

How to play it? Having a extreme careful start would be critical for everyone. Since most minions in this decks are 4 or higher mana, which means you can’t drop them smoothly if you don’t grab Innervate or coin in the beginning hand. if you grab one Innervate in beginning hand, you can save one 4 mana creature, if you got two, you can save some higher mana creatures. But don’t don't pump out your creatures immediately unless if you're absolutely certain you want to do that. Usually I save Innovate to get some fatties out on a turn which I have 2-3 creatures in play already. And that would bait out some big spells like fireball which would cast on my face.

This deck is quite weak if you don’t grab Innovate or the coin in early game, but you just win if you can always clean opponent’s board. If you miss Innervate, you should wish to grab wrath and power of the wild which enable you to clean something and stick minions on the board (Wrath and Power of the Wild would be a good pair). Nat Pagle usually plays as a soft taunt that remits much damage for you when you have nothing better to go.

4 or 5 mana would be your really beginning point. Yeti, Keeper of the Grove, Swipe, Azure and Druid of the Claw are feature decent stats or aggressive spells for you. Yeti usually makes a one for two trade or bait out spells, but it was eliminated from my deck once before since it is not a temp minions. Keeper of the Grove always is my sweet minion in mid stage. The usage for Swipe and Azure is fare to explain, but I want to say something about Druid of the claw. Generally, I would choose Charge instead of Taunt, since it would be removed by The Black Knight in most cases. So I hope it would do something before dying. Well, with that said, if you are definitely sure that opponent misses TBK, choosing Taunt would be a good choice as well.

For Cairne and Sylvanas, they are a good pair for deck control playing. They have a good performance when play against classes like Druid, Priest and Hunter who have no Hex or Polymorph. On the other hand, if you are playing against Mage or Shaman, they are definitely a good way to bait out some removals, allowing you to go other fatties like Ragnaros and Ancient of Lore. Either way, go Faceless to copy a fatty from your opponent.

Force of Nature enables you to make a burst in one turn or play as any AoE, but don’t drop it to early if you could not finish game in your turn. Paired with Power of the Wild, it would totally deal 9 damage in one turn, giving opponent an unpredictable burst.


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