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Naval Content: ArcheAge vs. Black Desert - Crew, Man Battle Stations!





With games getting bigger and bigger, people want new and interesting things to look forward to. Many allow you to venture out across deserts, wander through forests, and sometimes even make you soar in the skies, but what about the sea? It is vast, filled with many creatures and wonders, and it is usually cast aside. However, there are games that do allow you to take a ship or boat and just sail, two of them being ArcheAge and Black Desert Online. There are other games that also have naval content, but they don’t seem to have the beauty and content that both Black Desert Online and ArcheAge have. So hoist up the sails, ready the cannons, and prepare scallywags!

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“Off we sail!”
ArcheAge has a vast majority of ways to travel around the world and a lot of content for you. Many included the typical walking and climbing and swimming, but also had personal mounts, boats, gliders, and car-like machines to get around and transport goods.  What I loved about this was that ArcheAge allowed different types of boats and ships to make your ship feel… real, in a way.

Customization of a ship is vast ever since it’s Dread Prophecies update. There are three small boat types: rowboats, a swan paddle boat, and also the Lonely Isle Dinghy. After that,
there’s large vessels which have nine types (my favorite being the Black Pearl). With these ships, you get better speed, and better defense. You can even customize the equipment on your ships and you have a lot of categories to choose from: Armaments, Sails, Figureheads, Masts, Steering Gear, Navigation, Lighting, Boarding Equipment, Misc. Equipment, and Sound Equipment. They all have  base stats and an amount and type of custom components, so you can basically make a cool ship for yourself.
For building a ship, it might be a little bit tasky in this game. You would need to first purchase a blueprint, then collect the necessary items to build it. Then, you would need to find an area in the sea that was suitable and click the blueprints in your inventory to place a platform that gets protection for three days.  Afterwards, you have to take material bundles to the platform from a crafting area. You can only carry one bundle at a time and your movement speed will be reduced. Labor Points  that can be achieved in-game will be used as the bundle is added to the platform and players can help you build the ship as long as they have the correct bundle. The ship will be available to the owner of the blueprint as a summon item once the ship is completed and can set sail wherever possible. So now you built your ship.Now what?

You have the ability ram into ships, go on other people’s ships, sink ships and even steal ships.

There’s also ghost ships,
pirate ships,
and the ability to fight huge monsters on a ship!
That’s a lot of ship talk, but we haven’t even really gotten into even what’s beneath the sea as a last look into ArcheAge’s undersea content, where you can treasure hunt and see ships that had been sunken. Sometimes dolphins pop out of the water, sometimes nightmare fuel like giant monsters, and there is marine life, but sometimes it is rather barren.

There are mobs as well in the coastal areas from what I remember, but only closer to land. As you keep going towards the open sea,
unfortunately the mobs are decreased and there isn’t much life you can see. However, there does seem to be sea life still.






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