Cookie Run:OvenBreak Review - A Cutesy Side-Scrolling Platform Game

Game History and Info:

Cookie Run:OvenBreak is a cutesy side-scrolling platform game made by Devstisters. It's still in pre-launch and is available only in certain countries on App Store and Google Play (you can download the files from the internet and play the game but your data may be erased once the official launch comes). The original version of Cookie Run was released in Korea on April 2nd 2013 for the Kakao platform (restricted to Korea) . Nine months later an international version of Cookie Run was released on the LINE platform and it's still playable and full with updates till this day.On this game you play as a cookie character running through obstacles and collecting jellies and coins to beat other players' scores and get rewards.
Official Cookie Run:OvenBreak Trailer

Game Interface & How to Play:
  1. Level - Level up by getting high scores and winning chests with prizes to level up your cookies and pets.
  2. Crystals - You can use them to buy special chests and coins.
  3. Coins - You can use them to level up your cookies and pets , and you can also buy cookie pieces to level them as well .
  4.  Friends List - Get rewards for adding nearby players via Bluetooth
  5. Shop - Buy special chests which include coins, crystals and character and pet pieces to level them up. You can also get more crystals or coins.
  6. Go to map selection.
  7. Collect trophies by getting higher scores than other players and unlock new maps.
  8. Check your friends' scores.
  9. Practise solo on the map without competing against other players.
  10. Play with a bunch of other players competing for the highest score ( The top three scored cookies get special chests and trophies, everyone else get normal chests and trophies.If your score is too low you will lose some of your trophies) in a match for a certain period of time (depending on map) .You have to wait until the end of the match to see your results ( you can play as many times as you want until the match is over)
  11. Pet - Choose the pet that will go with you during a run . Each pet has its own unique skills.
  12. Cookie - Here you can choose your main cookie and your relay cookie . A relay cookie is the cookie that will continue running after your main one lost all of it's energy . Each cookie also has its unique skills. Also if you play with a certain cookie too much it will get tired for some time unless you level it up before that.
  13. Your Relay Cookie
  14. Missions - Collect different Jellies and get to spin a wheel with prizes including chests , crystals and coins.
  1. Energy - Energy drains every second , when it's all lost your cookie will pass out unless it (or your pet) has a revival ability . After that you can pay 1,000 coins to continue running with your relay cookie (relay cookies spawn with around 50% energy)
  2. Score - Collecting jellies gives you points
  3. Time until the end of the match
  4. Collecting special Alphabet Jellies with the letters "BONUSTIME" will send you to a special bonus round for a couple seconds where you collect lots of points and coins.
  5. Collected Coins.
  6. Collected items for mission.
  7. Alphabet jelly (of the letter "I")
  8. Bear Jelly - gives more points than regular jellies ( regular jellies look differently and give different amounts of points depending on your level)
  9. Giant Bear Jelly - Gives even more points.
  10.  and 11. To play the game you need to jump and slide while trying to avoid obstacles and still collect as many jellies and coins as you can! Every characer can double jump (unless it has a skill to jump more) and slide for an unlimited time. Also there are a lot of Power UPs on your run which give you acceleration, get you bigger, turn normal jellies into bear jellies and turn obstacles into coins . At the end of every stage of a map you get some of your energy recharged.

Video from my YT Channel

Pros and Cons:
- Colorful and charming graphics ;
Fast paced gameplay ;
- Lots of cute cookies and pets to collect ;
- Events ; 
- Very nice staff ;
- Competing system with other players ;
- Easy to play with friends around you using Bluetooth ;


- Feels kind of repetitive when you reach level 20 (Though the game is in early release so a lot of things will be added hopefully)
- You can't play it without internet connection (Which really isn't that much of a con considering most games want it nowadays)
- For now it doesn't feel very rewarding unless you level up ( Has this grindier feel to it . The original game is kinda grindy too, but this is more like level up to get better things, while in original it's to a personal preference)

Social Medias:
Cookie Run:OvenBreak Official Site: (pre-register and get rewards)
YouTube Channel:
Facebook Page:

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2P SCORE: 7.0









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