Destiny: The Rise of Iron Review!

Ever since it’s release on the 20th of September, players have been digging into the newest edition to the story of Destiny, The Rise of Iron. But is the Rise of Iron more of the same, or is it the change Destiny needs to get itself moving after a year of waiting and defeating The Taken King: Oryx. Well I recently have beaten the entirety of the Rise of Iron including the highly awaited Raid that dropped with the DLC So let’s find out. (Warning: If you have never played the game prior to this DLC, you will be easily be confused by the story and setting. I recommend you go through Years 1 and 2 content to have a better understanding of the story and just who it is your fighting.)

“Time to break some walls!”

There’s a few new things that The Rise of Iron has expanded upon it’s lore, and that is the fate of the Iron Lords, legendary heroes who were granted the power of the Traveler long before the Guardians arose. It tells how the Iron Lords sacrificed themselves to seal away an ancient technological virus that infects any and all technology around it, SIVA, and now Lord Saladin, the last of the Iron Lords has called upon you to help fight off The Fallen, scavengers who wish to use the power of SIVA to enhance their technology, and hopefully attack humanity’s last stronghold, The Last City. Fortunately, with the help of Lord Saladin you are able to take back a very important location from the Fallen, The Iron Temple, home of the Iron Lords, and your base of operations in the new DLC.

This is the Intro Cinematic to the Rise of Iron DLC and by far the coolest.

The Iron Temple is the new social space in this latest DLC, and is the central hub of where you will be receiving most of your missions and loot rewards from in Destiny. Not only that but it introduces some new characters previously unseen from Destiny’s Story, such as the Vanguard Scout and Cayde-6’s friend Shiro-4 who gives you the missions in Rise of Iron as well as Lord Saladin, the previous host Destiny’s monthly Iron Banner events (more on that later). There is also the Iron Temple’s version of the Cryptarch, Tyra Karn, who previously worked with the Iron Lords and aids you through the campaign and helps you navigate through the plaguelands, the new explorable area.

“Now this is a temple, an Iron Temple.”

The Plaguelands is where you’ll find SIVA Augmented Fallen out in the wild and where some of the campaign’s side quests will take you. It really gives you a good look at the damage the SIVA outbreak has caused through the Cosmodrome. With SIVA going into the ground, destroyed oil tankers you name it. The place looks like it has techno herpes (I can say that right?). There’s even a new public event within The Plaguelands very similar to the Court of Oryx in the Dreadnaught called Archon’s Forge which is super fun to be a part of. We even get to wield a fire giant axe!

Guardian vs SIVA Enhanced High Servitor

Unfortunately for Rise of Iron, the campaign is very short and can be completed within a span of two hours (Or if you’re like me, pretty much in an hour.) While you can definitely feel the emotion coming out of Lord Saladin and the sadness he feels for his fallen Iron Lord comrades, the campaign doesn’t give you time to relish in the moment and connect with him and at times it feels forced. The SIVA Augmented Fallen are definitely a welcome change in terms of both lore and gameplay. It puts in perspective how desperate the Fallen are to defeat the Guardians and on harder difficulties they are tough little buggers to beat and it’s a welcome challenge. But this just adds to point where we want more of this and it’s a shame the campaign is so short because it was so fun to play.

My reaction when the campaign ended, grieving in sadness.

Thankfully with a new social space and explorable area we get new strikes within the game to continue learning more about the lore of Destiny. One of the strikes having you revisit an upgraded version of an old enemy from Year 1 Destiny. These strikes were pretty fun to play, but again, I wish they were much harder by default. Thankfully if you wish for the strikes to be harder, the new strike playlist, SIVA Crisis Strikes, will give you the challenge you are looking for, as well as that ever difficult Nightfall strike which ups the ante by five.

Somehow I don’t feel ready to do this….

As with any addition to Destiny, we also gain new Exotic weapons , some of which can be found in the form of quests. One of them welcoming the return of the infamous Year 1 Rocket Launcher Gjallarhorn. Another of the new exotics allows you to own the very first weapon you ever got in Destiny, the Khvostov 7G-0X. The last exotic that requires a quest is the new exotic pulse rifle The Outbreak Prime. All of which were a blast to do and a welcome change to getting exotics aside from Destiny’s loot system.

“An Ancient Instrument of War, renewed by Light, not unlike you.”

The final thing in PvE that everyone was looking forward to is the new raid: The Wrath of the Machine. Is it harder than the King’s Fall raid? Well, no. Is it more enjoyable than King’s Fall? Yes in fact. The raid is not overly complicated like Vault of Glass, it’s not frustrating to get passed the first puzzle like Crota’s End, and it wasn’t a chore to do the puzzles like King’s Fall. The raid’s simplicity compared to the others is it’s most attractive aspect and because of this, Wrath of the Machine is very enjoyable to play, easily the highlight of this expansion!

“This is the first room in the raid and I feel terrified, but excited!”

Rise of Iron has also added some new features to the PvP side of Destiny. The first and most exciting thing being Private Matches! Yes, Bungie has finally blessed us with the ability to face off against our friends in Private Matches. You can customize which map you play on, the time of day , and obviously the game mode. This is by far, is the best aspect of PvP currently within the game. It gives you a break from the monotony of playing just one game mode for hours on end and is so much fun!

“This is gonna get crazy super fast.”

Speaking of game modes, Rise of Iron introduces a new game mode called Supremacy. Think of Kill Confirmed from the Call of Duty series but instead of dogtags you get crests. Supremacy gets crazy very fast, especially when combined with the Mayhem game type, which increases recharge time for grenades, melees, and super attacks. This game type definitely has some replay value, and taking your friends with you just adds to the chaos.

“A Guardian’s Crest is her honor. Well I’ma take it!”

At the time of this initial writing it was unclear if Iron Banner would return, and if it did, who would it be? I won’t spoil who is hosting Iron Banner, but I will tell you it won’t be Lord Saladin. However, Iron Banner has returned, and it is back with a vengeance with all new weapons, armor, and things you can only find in Iron Banner. It still requires you to fight with light levels on, and is still pretty difficult, and sometime frustrating, especially against try hards. However it is still quite fun and is better to bring along some friends.

“To Become a true Iron Lord, you must conquer Iron Banner.”

Overall the DLC does bring a lot of new things to the table, however these are things we used to when it comes to DLC from Destiny. The campaign is too short and makes you wish for more for how well written it is compared to other DLC stories. The strikes don’t feel as well done as they have in the past and don’t perform all too well and feel a little lazy quiet honestly. The raid is the best part of the PvE section of the game, and is by far the most fun. In terms of PvP, it adds a lot to the table just with Private Matches alone, but adding a new game type does add a little freshness after a year of waiting. The entire DLC feels like more of the same with a few new things here and there. When it does the same it does well and feels very polished, but after 3 Years of this, veterans will feel a little disappointed considering they waited a full year just for more of the same.Newcomers on the other hand will feel, with the addition of this DLC, that the game is complete considering they also have Years 1 and 2 content to go through.

I would give the final rating as a 7/10.

Destiny is now available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as a collection for $60 featuring all of the content released including: The Main Game, The Dark Below, House of Wolves, The Taken King, and The Rise of Iron and a limited edition being $99.99.

Thank you for reading! If you have Destiny: The Rise of Iron, leave a comment down below on what you think of it!









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