Black Desert 2nd Closed Beta Preview: Skill Awakening Being Introduced at Lvl 50

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The second closed beta of Black Desert is scheduled in the first quarter of 2014 which should be within this or next month. It is drawing near and Pear Abyss just updated an interview (in Korean) with the development team on their Facebook page.

Calpheon city will become the main stage in the upcoming second CBT, and more game contents are going to be introduced.

Black Desert's Contribution system has been amended a lot, and doing quests can increase Contribution point in game now. The interview says that it will not affect the gameplay if players don't do quests, and only some aspects would require Contribution in game. Therefore, killing monsters or doing trades become another way to play this game especially for those who don't like quests.

Update: Contribution points can be used to active nodes, borrow tools, expand node/town functions and they are not consumable anymore in the second CBT. Players can use the points and get the points back.


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