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Maybe Confirmed to Join LGD.cn

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Some days ago, we reported Yao “Maybe” Lu, YaphetS’ former teammate, was ready to play professionally.

Today he posted a weibo saying that ”Hangzhou (the city where LGD.cn's gamehouse locates), Here I come!” then, LGD.cn's player Yao retweeted by adding “GL”. As we know, LGD-Gaming’s Zhang “xiao8” Ning announced after his team’s victory at D2L that he will join a new team. Now, LGD.cn complete their roster, but it is uncertain which position will Maybe play in the LGD.cn.

February 20th is the D.ACE's deadline for all teams to announce their final rosters, therefore, IG and "The New Team" are very likely to release their rosters later today. 

LGD.cn Roster:

Zhang "Xiaotuji" Wang
Yao “Maybe” Lu
Zheng Zheng "Yao" Yao
Bin "dd" Xie
Fat Meng "ddc" Leong

Source: Maybe Weibo&LGD Weibo


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