Flappy Bird's Trademark Might be Obtained by OneClick

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Flappy Bird

It is a fact that Flappy Bird is gone now. But there is one thing we ignored. According to several opportunistic entrepreneurs, Nguyen's abandonment of the game means the trademark of Flappy Bird is available now

Recent news that there are seven companies is applying for the Flappy Bird trademark. And one of them seem to have a chance of becoming the new owner of Dong's now-defunct IP. The owner who seems to believe they have the best shot is Adore kv, because they are already looking to act on the USPTO's "intent of use" clause by reintroducing "Flappy Bird" as a mobile game.

Flappy Bird

Adore kv actually is a branch of OneClick Studios.They're a three-man show based out of San Francisco. OneClick filed for the Flappy Bird trademark on Feb 9. They have two major competitors. One is Neal Blaak and Alexander Prevoteau who also submitted applications at the same time. The other is Olaes Enterprises, but they only filed for the rights to the name as it pertains to clothing, apparel and accessories.

Flappy Bird

So, OneClick, which was formerd just one week ago, has the best chance of getting the Flappy Bird trademark in any way. And then their mobile Flappy Bird game (that is actually named Flappy Bird) will come. I don't know whether it is a good news for you guys. But, on my part, I like the original Flappy Bird.

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