[Puzzle and Dragons] Goemon Dark Team for One Minute Zeus Descended Farming

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Leaders: Goemon the Thief x 2(Skill level 1)
Subs:  Dark Liege, Vampire Duke (Max Skill Required) 
          Chaos Dragon Knight, Voice (Max Skill Required) 
          High Dark Ninja, Hanzo (Max Skill and Fully Awoken Required, Yeah I know this is hard, farm more Tengus)
          Satan, King of the Underworld (Fully Awoken Required)

All members should have max level, otherwise you will need more HP plus eggs.

Without plus egg, your team should have 22304 HP

the first floor is the most important, 

You need to drop your HP bar under 20% to activate Goemon's leader Skills.
There are three Chimeras in first floor, their normal attack damages are:
Flame Chimera: 7650
Bubble Chimera: 7440
Leaf Chimera: 7220

7650 + 7440 + 7220 = 22310, this is just a bit higher than your max leveled team, so you need at least one HP plus egg to get +10 HP to endure normal attacks from all three Chimeras, more HP eggs would be nice. This is the situation that appears in highest chance. Those Chimeras also have 10% chance that they will do double attacks with 10k~10.5k. Keep it in mind that the Mystic Mask in floor 2 hits 4000 damage in each turn, if things go beyond control, you might need to full attack or just die. 2nd floor is much easier to activate your leader skills, the problem is it's hard to kill the chimeras without multiplier. But once you've successfully activated your leader skills, it's most likely a win.

Floor 2 and floor 3, just one shot them, try to clear all the Blue and Green orbs on the way up. You just need to stall for one turn in floor 1 or 2 or 3 with max skilled orb changers.

Floor 4: Use one Orb changer's skill, make sure that you have One row Dark Orbs+ 3 Dark Orbs + 2 other combos to one shot the Chimeras, don't match too many combos if not necessary.

Floor 5: Another two orb changers' skill, max out your damage and get the egg.


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