Slide2P Picks for Android: 6 Games to Play Before Boom Beach Officially Launches

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The global version of Boom Beach will come in March. I believe you guys, like me, are looking forward to the Supercell's new games. Their Clash of Clans has given us great pleasure. How about Boom Beach? Will it let us down? And are you also addicted the game like CoC? Waiting is always unpleasant. But, never mind, here are some games can accompany you to pass the time.


Hay Day (Free, download)

Hay DayHay Day
Hay DayHay Day

Supercell only released two games so far, Hay Day and Clash and Clans (Boom Beach is CBT in Australia and Canada Currently). Both of them acquire the enormous success and bring a considerably high income for Supercell. 

Compared with CoC, Hay Day is more casual. You can build your own farm by collecting resources and interact with your Facebook friends in the game. It’s easy but fun. The farm will have various building that you can find in real world. It's a nice game to pass your time.


Max Axe ($1.99, download)

Max AxeMax Axe
Max AxeMax Axe

I can't define what type of Max Axe is. It combined the elements of side-scrolling game, STG, RPG, Parkour, adventure and so on. And it doesn’t have any story, only bonkers high-speed action. Anyway, it's absolutely a funny game that you’ve ever seen before. In the game, all you have to do is throw your Axe without reservation to eliminate jelly monsters.


Soul of Ramen (Free, download)

Soul of Ramen
Soul of RamenSoul of Ramen

As we know, Ramen is the soul of Japan. We can see the food appear on Japanese anime, TV series, and, of course, games. Soul of Ramen (ラーメン魂) is a simple simulation game, but it has huge popularity. In the game, you can operate your Ramen shop and produce different Ramen. Moreover, you can also do "Ramen Practice". The game could let your experience Japan life.


Quiet, Please! (Free, download)

Quiet, Please!
Quiet, Please!Quiet, Please!

Classic retro adventure game fun on your hand-held device, Quiet, Please! is a adventure game, although it seems humble. The story is funny. The heroine is a girl who has sensitive ears. When she came home from school, she hears everything is noisy, even bed and pet are driving her. So, she wants to solve these puzzles. And you are the one who can help her.


Circulets ($0.99, download)

Circulets is a special battle game that asks you and your friends, families and enemies (lol) to fight in the single screen. Each colour represents a player. You should pull the circulets, which has same colour with you, to your side as soon as possible. If pulled right one, you get one point. If wrong, you lose one point. The winner is the one who has higher score.


Dead Effect (Free, download)

 Dead EffectDead Effect
Dead EffectDead Effect

Dose the game remind you of Mass Effect when you saw the name? Of course, it doesn't have same quality with Mass Effect in graphics, but still nice. Without wasted movement, you just shoot, shoot and shoot the zombies in the game. It’s a good game to release your pressure.

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