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Tuski G-1 Interview: Getting Better Never Stops





G1 Champions League Tuski

Tuski, go ahead and say hi to everyone.

Tuski: Hello to all the DotA fans out there.

Many viewers aren't so familiar with your role in G-1 League; can you briefly explain it to them?

Tuski: Well I just handle most of the administrative stuff for G1-League, mainly I help them out by communicating with teams outside of China and help with scheduling/formatting the qualifiers, then play a small role in helping doing interviews. Also from time to time I suggest them on whatever they need me for.

I know that you just successfully got a prolonged residence visa in Singapore, can you tell us about your work situation there?

Tuski: Ah! About my visa in Singapore, well it was a really tough time for me as I was not getting a Student Visa even though I was still studying so it wasted about half a year for me, but in the end all worked out pretty well and now I am in my final semester of my University so pretty excited about that. The only sad thing is that I have my exams during The International 3 so I will not be able to attend, as I was really planning on going this year around, but oh well there is always a next time.

From what I understand, your biggest interests are DotA and girls, is there anything beyond that?

Tuski: Well do you even need anything else? Nah just kidding well I really love to play basketball like my good friend ChuaN. Many people do not know this but I used to play basketball in kind of a semi-pro level back in Mumbai district, but then being lazy caught up with me.

In the G-1 Asian Qualifiers, which teams have impressed you, and which teams have failed to live up to your expectations?

Tuski: If we have to talk about the Asian qualifiers I would have to say DK impressed me the most I remember right before Phase 3 started my very good friend QQQ and I were talking and he informed me about the communication problems they were having, so then I gave him a motive I told QQQ if he qualifies for lan I would give him the 35$ Lina item so in a way I guess the reason DK won was because I motivated QQQ oh and also as a reward for MMY! not dyeing got an item as well. As for the team which did not live up to my expectation was MUFC I thought they could have done a lot better and reached Phase 3 of the qualifiers at least.

This season's G-1 also sees the first Chinese competition with an EU and NA qualifier, what do you think? Can you give us your predictions for the two teams to qualify from these regions?

Tuski: It is always nice to see a global event being held and thanks to G1-League we are able to witness a mini-international where teams from west and east can battle it out also test themselves to see how much have they prepared themselves for the big leagues which is of course The International. As for predictions honestly I do not know anymore after Na'Vi and Dignitas being knocked out which were huge upsets it can be anyone of the four teams which qualify for LAN finals all I can say is good luck to all 4 teams and may the best team win.

From a competition admin's point of view, what do you feel are the biggest strengths of this season's G-1, and what do you think leaves room for improvement?

Tuski: The biggest strengths of this seasons G1-League could be said is that it has reached to a much bigger audience by having EU/NA qualifiers and having according to me the two of the three best English casters out there BTS and Ayesee and of course the beast V1lat along with the Starladder crew, the second thing which I think was really good this season were the formats having multiple phase and open qualifiers showed us that how much talent is out there and we have teams like Chain Stacks which can cause upsets at any given time. To the part where there is room for improvement I feel was mainly from my side I believe that the DDoS situation could have been handled better although it is true that such situations cannot be predicted by any admin or organizer or teams itself at least not in dota2, but it cannot be an excuse for me not being able to do my best job and I think next time around I should be much more firm and decisive on my part as an admin to take a stand and so that all the viewer's get the best possible experience since they are the reason why all of these tournaments and teams exists in the first place. Also I believe that getting better never stops so hopefully next season we will be able to do a much better job than this season.

You have also been a match admin for The International qualifiers. Compared to your experiences with G-1, what are the differences?

Tuski: Well since I was the admin for east qualifiers I would say there was not much of a difference if I compare both the Asian qualifiers since both of the tournaments are very well respected in their own rights.

Can you give us any juicy reveals regarding the upcoming TI3? Any hints on who will be getting invites next, or who else will be invited as Chinese casters?

Tuski: HA! Nice try, but honestly I myself do not know anything about TI3. All I can say is that Valve is awesome and they know how to keep information hidden from everyone so like the others even I have to wait on the juicy material to be revealed.

In the end, the floor is yours for anything you'd like to say to viewers and your colleagues in the G-1 team!

Tuski: I would like to thank a lot of people firstly of course a shoutout to every single viewer who has supported G1-League a massive thank you to all of you guys. Now for the list of names whom I would like to thank Felix- the kitchen blade for allowing me to be a part of this awesome tournament, Tony, Pikaxiu - for hosting such an amazing tournament, people at BTS all the 3 Davids who are my good friends, Ayesee, People over at Starladder V1lat, Casperrr, mtrx4u, Chen Carson, Statman Bruno - my brother from another mother, Mali, Nebu1a and last but not the least Icefrog and Valve thank you for making supporting all the tournaments and helping them out whenever needed. All of you guys are AWESOME!

Streaming and Bracket: Ayesee (English) | BTS (English) | StarLadder (Russian) | 17173 (Chinese)

Widescreen Mode: Ayesee (English) | BTS (English) | StarLadder (Russian)

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