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Paragon's Beginner Guide: Cuz Hell, Ain't Easy.





Don't mind the title.

Paragon, even though is a MOBA that doesn't stray too far from the genre, it does have some new additions which may be hard to learn at first, and much more to green players.


Less heroic speech, I have some information, tips and such concerning the map and the Card system that may help you in your journey through these sci-fi lands. So, without any more to add, let's start with:

AGORA, The Main Map.

As you can see down here: Two teams, three lanes, two towers plus one inhibitor each, then the Core. And of course, the jungle. That's the easy, obvious part. 

However, now is when things get interesting.

Paragon implements a new structure called Harvesters. They are ancient artifacts located across the battlefield, and their function is to give experience and card experience to the entire team once collected.

(For those who don't know, there are two kinds of Experience: One gives you levels, which allows you to earn slightly better base stats and learn new skills; the other, known as Amber, gives you Card slots, which are the "currency" needed to buy cards in game.)

I wouldn't be too far off If I were to say they are of great value in the match. There are seven in total:

First, four jungle Harvesters that spawn at minute 3.

Second, two side-lane ones, at minute 6.

Finally, one near the Orb prime, at minute 9.

These structures can hold a finite amount of exp that fills up completely every 5 minutes, so is in the team's interest to collect them as often as possible. They can also be placed by any member of the team, but those with a Key can place it significantly faster.

Also, is in our interest to protect them, as any enemy can just hit them to get saved exp out... or destroy it (Although in this case, both teams will have to wait 30 sec. in order to place another one) which leads me to my own personal view of the Harvester mechanic:

Junglers, as one of their starting items, will most likely get a key. Why? because they can reach any harvester in the map, being by ganking or just clearing camps... so you could say is their job to place them.

However that doesn't mean that is also their job to collect them.

I've seen a lot of players ignoring them... which for the sake of efficiency is just not right. For example, in your way to your lane you can pass through the jungle Harvesters. Or, if after pushing your lane you realize you lack the safety to poke the tower, you can instead collect the one in the side-lane...

With just that, you are helping you whole team. Easy, right?

And seeing as I touched the Jungler role...

The Jungle.

Well, is without a doubt one of the most important assets during a match, and it can also be very complicated at first, which is why I decided to make some sort of general reviewing of it. So... let's get down to the basics:

Junglers are the ones that, instead of joining a lane and fight it out with their opponent, go into the different passages across the battlefield in order to clear Camps (AI controlled enemies), earn experience and, as a main purpose, Gank enemy players and place Harvesters, all in order to help the team to win.

Junglers usually have a skill set that allows them a fast paced clearing, and/or one that gives them a strong, effective gank. These together directly affects their presence in the map and their influence on the tides of the battle.

Now, Paragon's jungle system is not that much different from other MOBAs, however it does present some refreshing changes that have an influence in the gameplay. Two in my opinion to be exact:

The Camps. The main source of experience in the jungle. There are weak camps composed of two minions, and stronger ones, made of three enemies where one is sturdier than the rest. The later are known as Buff camps and they reward us with a stat boost, aside from significantly more experience.

Red buff gives 25% more Physical attack damage and slightly more movement speed on hit.

Blue buff, 20% of mana regeneration and cooldown reduction.

Black buff, additional structure damage (750 damage in 5 seconds) refreshing on hit.

All of them spawn at minute 1, except the black one which does at minute 6. Neutral camps (weak ones) respawn every 2 minutes, and the buff camps do every 6 minutes.

Now, where is the difference I was talking about?

You see, camps in Paragon not only respawn, but also level up if not slain before, up to max of level 3.

What does it mean?

It means that they will have more health, and also reward more experience... But that's not all. Buff camps also level up, however the stat boost they give does not... which also means you can just slay it once right before it respawns, then kill it again, granting your team a double buff.

Cuz strategy, right?

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