[Exclusive] Bless Interview: Class Roles, Dungeons, PvP And More

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Bless is a new MMORPG from Korean company Neowiz. The game is in development but its graphics (see here, here and here) already impresses gamers worldwide. So how's the gameplay? Is it going to give the MMO market a shock? We just sat down with the game's Producer Han Jae Kap, discussing about the gameplay details. See what he had to say.

Bless producer 

Q: The graphics of new Korean MMOs can often amaze players but their gameplay usually fail to live up to gamers' expectation. In addition to top notch graphics, what does Bless have to offer in terms of gameplay?

A: MMOs with traditional content can barely survive in today's market. Take dungeon as an example, there are 5-man dungeons, 3-man and solo dungeons. Players complete the dungeon and make guides for other players and then the dungeon is not challenging anymore. We study players' needs and reduce the repetitive content in Bless. We are also working on a wide variety of gameplay content to cover players of different styles.

Q: You worked on big projects like Legend of Mir and Lineage before, and how will such experience affect the development of Bless?

A: I watched Lineage grew to the one of the most successful MMOs at that time, and I worked on Lineage 2. What I learned is player interaction really matters. The interaction includes cooperation, competition, betrayal and many other relationships. In Bless, the concept of player interaction lies in the conflicts within the same nation, in addition to the traditional nation vs. nation warfare. Specifically, we want all players to campaign for the throne of the nation.
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Q: From the information released on Bless official site, there is no healing class (the 4 classes are Guardian, Berserker, Paladin and Ranger). Does that mean the game desert the "holy trinity"?

A: The game's combat is still based on DPS-tank-healer pattern. However, each class is capable of playing different styles in the combat to deal with certain situation, and an example is when the Guardian wants to solo a dungeon, he may go with the "Charge" style, which makes him an DPS, but when he's in a group he may need to protect the allies so "Protection" style is a good choice. A character at max level has at least 3 different combat styles.

Bless screenshot

Q: How flexible will the class combination in dungeons be? Can 4 Archers together complete a dungeon smoothly?

A: We do encourage players to try different combinations and want to see some extreme attempts. We will explore more possibilities based on the DPS+tank+healer model.
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Q: Today MMOs that are based on grinding and repetition gameplay can't no longer last long, what is Bless going to do to strip away grinding?

A: Bless' PvE content utilizes "difficulty balance", and the combat is more than just killing a specific target. The game rewards players differently by recognising the most powerful players, the best team players and so on. Besides, player behaviors will change the world.

Bless screenshot


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