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Neverwinter: Storm King's Thunder 7 Days of VIP Code Giveaway

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Thank you all participants leaving comments to us before the event ended. Congratulations! All of you will get a VIP code. Our staff will sent out codes as soon as possible.

Today, Perfect World Entertainment Inc. and Cryptic Studios announced Neverwinter: Storm King's Thunder is now available on PC.  To celebrate this enormous expansion, we're teaming up with Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios to give away free One Week VIP Subscription Passes for Neverwinter on PC. Redeem your code to claim yours today.

VIP Benefits

Per Character

  • 10% bonus to: XP/Glory/Profession XP excludes some professions.
  • VIP zone access (Moonstone Mask)
  • 15% bonus AD on daily quests in Protector's Enclave.
  • Per day (must be claimed each day, opportunity lost if not claimed.)
    • 10 level-appropriate ID scrolls

Per Account

  • Per day (must be claimed each day, opportunity lost if not claimed)
    • 1 free Enchanted Key

How to participate in:

Step1: Register an account in www.2p.com.
Step2: "Like" 2P.com Facebook and "Share" this event. Follow 2P.com Twitter and Retweet this giveaway.


Step3: Share this giveaway via your facebook or twitter and upload the screenshot which shows that you have shared this event in the following comment box. We will announce the all winners on August 22nd on this page and send out codes email.

Redemption Instructions:

  1. Visit www.arcgames.com/en/redeem
  2. Log into your Arc account and enter your code.
  3. Enter the game and claim your item from the Reward Claims Agent in Protector's Enclave.

About Neverwinter: Storm King's Thunder

Neverwinter: Storm King's Thunder marks the tenth official expansion for the free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG. Based on a new adventure from Wizards of the Coast, Storm King's Thunder sees adventurers face off against invading giants, while braving their way through three new adventure zones and a challenging new dungeon.

Frost giants have forced their way into Icewind Dale, creating a call-to-arms for Neverwinter's strongest to defend the land from these gargantuan invaders. Adventurers will travel to Bryn Shander, the largest settlement within the Ten Towns, to save the townsfolk from attack. To defeat the frost giants, players will need to enlist the help of classic Dungeons & Dragons characters as they explore different regions. This includes heroes like Catti-brie, Wulfgar and Harshnag. Once the battle has been won, they will continue on to Lonelywood and Cold Run, until they eventually reach Fangbreaker Island, a remote isle in the treacherous Sea of Moving Ice.

A full list of gameplay updates available with the release of Storm King's Thunder includes:

  • New Campaign – The new end-game campaign for Storm King's Thunder  is broken down into three parts, each unlocking a new adventure zone. When all three zones are cleared, players will have access to the dungeon on Fangbreaker Island.
  • Three New Adventure Zones
    • Bryn Shander – Adventurers must visit this remote settlement in Icewind Dale to save its inhabitants from attackers.
    • Lonelywood – After clearing Bryn Shander, players will move on to the town of Lonelywood, where they will fight off trolls and other beasts.
    • Cold Run – The last adventure zone is the frigid coastline of Cold Run, where adventurers will come face to face with the mighty frost giants.
  • New Tier 3 Dungeon – Adventurers will need to complete the new Storm King's Thunder  campaign and equip their characters with high-level gear in order to access Fangbreaker Island, the most difficult five-player dungeon in the game.
  • Class Balance Adjustments – In an ongoing effort to maintain balance forNeverwinter,  we've made major adjustment to three classes, the Hunter Ranger, Scourge Warlock and Guardian Fighter.
  • New Bosses and Enemies – Besides defending the land from Frost Giants, players will fight off swarms of arctic beasts, as well as three new bosses who rule over Fangbreaker Island.







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