Raid Master Hands-on Review: A Classic Endless Dungeon Crawler You May Like





Developed by Bluehole, the creator of popular MMORPG TERA, Raid Master is a classic-style turn-based RPG game that you can play on mobile devices, allowing players to assemble the perfect party of adventures and explore the infinite dungeons. The game is currently available for Android players, and the iOS version will launch via the App Store this September.

The Raid Master is set in a fantasy land which is full of devils and demons, and players will lead a brave squad to save the world from devastation. Although the heart of Raid Master is a endless roguelike dungeon crawler, there is still a series anime style characters and story battles that let you feel more immersive in the fantasy world. 

Players will start the endless journey with 2 main characters at very beginning. To build a full 6 character line-up, players will need to visit the Tavern and buy the guests a round of drinks and then see if you can acquire a hero. The cost of drinks will be increased each time. I tried several times and each time I can get a new hero. You can form your team with different combinations, and moreover when you have more than 6 heroes, you can rent spare ones to get extra money.

The hero management is one of the core features of the Raid Master. players will assemble a team of heroes, picking up to 6 for any mission from a roster of over 50 in the game, including frontline tank characters and melee warrior as well as backline damage-dealing archers, wizards and healers. Each hero has two active skills and one passive skill.

The 6 characters are allocated onto three lines, and there is a line-up formation, allowing players to manage character slots for three different lines namely Tanker line, Dealer line and Healer line. There is at least 1 character for each line and the maximum number is 3. 

There are 2 battle modes waiting players to explore. On the continent mode, players are available to challenge devils and demons on 300 stages, in which you can farm epic materials and weapons as well as the misc trophy that you can sell for gold. If you clear 50 bosses, you can proceed to Infinite Waves Mode, but you should have ingenious strategy and save your heroes from being wiped out. The back to town option is always available under this mode, and you can continue from the saved wave next time. 

In addition, the game features diverse dungeons and monsters styles since you will always find dungeons with distinctive environment and bosses. The BGM in town is quite impressive but the sound effect in the dungeons isn't that appealing since you will always hear the loud percussive effect. Anyway, if you like dungeon crawler and character cultivation, Raid Master is definitely your jam.

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