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Priest Legend Control Deck - Your Minions Are Mine





Priest Legend Control Deck

Note: I am not the creator for this deck.


Shadow Word: Pain is eliminated from this deck. With 2 mana cost, you can’t do anything in 2 mana drop after going Pain, especially when you are playing against Rush decks. So Holy Smite X2 would help you remove most minions with 2HP and you are able to stick some low mana minions in 2 or 3 round. This deck circles with Bloodmage Thalnos, Loot Hoarder and Nat Pagle, so it is not a dead deck. In most cases, your opponent will try their best to kill Northshire Cleric directly to prevent you from potential drawing. That is the reason why I don’t pick NC. And Nat Pagle usually plays as a soft taunt which is able to remit much damage early on and give potential chance to draw a card at the end of your turn.

Priest Legend Control Deck

The usage of Wild Pyromancer is fare to explain, and it always plays an important role in playing against swarm / murlock decks. Don’t go Thoughtsteal in early game if you lose your board control, since you couldn’t do anything once you drop it. Thoughtsteal copies two cards from your opponent's undrawn deck; it will not copy cards which have already been drawn, so save it for mid or late game, maybe it will steal some fatties from opponent’s deck for you. Same with Thoughtsteal, saving Tinkmster Overpark for legendaries dropped in late game would be a decent choice. That is the story of early game.

Since this deck features strong control in both mid and late control, it won’t be a big issue when you are playing against most control decks. For most murlock / swarm decks, if you can smoothly clean enemies on the board in early game, the advantage will go your way in mid stage! Go Argus to buff your minions on the board or Shadow Madness to make a decent 1 for 2 trade. Go Shadow Madness first when you are playing against burst classes like Shaman, Warlock, Hunter and Druid, otherwise go Argus first! For current mata, players are likely to save their Tinkmaster  or silence for Cairne Bloodhoof and Sylvanas, preventing you from taking any benefit from their deadrattle. I don’t think it is a big issue for you, since Ysera and Thoughsteal play as a strong deck control and prevent you from running out of steam. In addition, Holy Fire enables you to kill some 4/5 minions like Chillwind Yeti and restore 5HP.

I don’t pick MC, since it is too expensive. When you are playing against Priest, he couldn’t do anything once drops MC, while you still can go two or three minions in 10 mana cost. 

Priest Legend Control Deck


Warlock and Paladin Rogue
Save Wild Pyromancer and any low mana spell that you can go in 2 mana drop. Since you miss 1 mana minions, Mind Vision help you much when you have no any minions to go in early game. For Giant Fatties Warlock, he features massive strong minions, such as Molten Giant and Twilight Drake. Save your death for his fatties! In addition, Faceless Manipulator and Sylvanas are both good choice once he drops his fatties to give you a big threat. For paladin, he is quite weak before T4. So you can stick your minions safely in early stage, but don’t over 3. Currently, he is likely to go Sword of Justice in T4, don’t hesitate to go Acidic Swamp Ooze in your turn! if you miss it, Wild Pyromancer + Combo would be a good choice as well.

Don’t swarm your minions on the board before he runs out of OTH. When he hangs secrets on his head, go your little potatoes first, and then your giant ones. Rush hunter would be a big threat for you, so always keep the board under your control. Similar with Paladin, save Acidic Swamp Ooze for Hunter’s weapons.

5-5 win rate. Actually you won’t have decent win rate when playing against him. Keeper of the Grove and Druid of the Claw would be a big thread for your control and actually, they always could stick on the board for few rounds. If you couldn’t remove them in mid stage, Faceless Manipulator would be a choice, if possible, save Cabal Shadow Priest for Keeper of the Grove. Share a useful combo: Sylvanas + Death, this combo enables you to take a control of a fatty dropped in late game.

Go any minions you can in early stage: Acidic Swamp Ooze, Loot Hoarder, Nat Pagle and Wild Pyromancer and that would bait out her Frostbolt. If you are willing, replacing Holy Smite with Pain is OK – save for Water Elemental! No doubt that she will cast her removal on your legendaries, just go Faceless to copy hers and go Ysera in late game. Don’t forget to heal your hero in time, if she casts her Fireball and Pyroblast on your face.

Warrior and Priest
Actually I have any lost to them, especially, it performances well in playing against weapon-oriented Warlock. If you have more supplements or ideas, leave comments below. 


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