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For a better League of Legend game experience, have you ever used any third-party apps to improve it? I know some apps that may be helpful to LoL gamers, guys who are interested, take a careful look:)

League of Legend Library: News, Updates and Game Data

League of Legend Library
One is from Turo Fire, it's a free app (download), here are the features:

  • Full champions listing including the just released Jarvan, the Exemplar of Demacia!
  • Full items listing.
  • Timely content updates and patch changes.
  • Real time official Riot and LoL news.
  • In depth video guides from many of the top LoL players.
  • Optimized for Retina Display.

League of Legend Library
The other is a pay-to-download LoL Library app (download) featuring more content, features at a glance below:

All Champions (Latest Champ - Aatrox)

  • Champion Spotlight + 25 Video List for each champ
  • Basic and Detailed Stats provided accurately and directly from Riot Games
  • Champ spells w/ AD/AP Ratios + Cooldowns
  • iPod & iPhone wallpapers for all Champions and Skins
  • Beautiful Chinese LoL Artwork & American Artwork
  • RP/IP costs for each champion and skin
  • Grid or Alphabetical List View
  • Filter champions by Free Rotation, Recommended, Melee, Ranged, Bruiser, Mage or Support.
  • Champion Story and Lore + Tips
  • Dynamically updated and cached for offline use

All Items

  • Searchable, Filtered Navigation like in game
  • Drill down components and upgrades
  • Alphabetical List Views or Grid Views


  • Riot Games News
  • Official Patch Notes and Archives
  • Riot Games Red Tracker
  • Latest Riot Posts on the forums
  • LoL Library App News
  • Riot Team Tweets - Pendragon, Volibar, MarcMerill + More

Global App Features

  • No internet required for most features*
  • Dynamicly updated, new content added all the time
  • Nearly every section is searchable
  • Share from just about anywhere via Facebook, Twitter or E-Mail

Community Section

  • Dynamically updated by the community
  • Videos and Video Channels
  • Podcasts - All Mia, 25min to surrender, Demacian Weekly & Leaguecast
  • Blogs -, Leagueofreplays & Elementz
  • Community Tweets about LoL
- More LoL
  • All Runes (tier 3), organized by Type
  • Summoner Spells
  • Maps and Map information
  • LoL Ladder top 200 for 3v3,5v5, & 5v5 solo.

LoL Connect
LoL Connect - chat for League of Legends (download)

A beautifully crafted League of Legends app that allows you to chat with friends, see who's online or in game, read release notes, and check summoner stats.

LegendSmith - for League of Legends (download)

LegendSmith is a powerful tool for building, testing, and voting for your favorite League of Legends champions!

Building and managing your champions is a huge part of League of Legends. The LegendSmith app lets you build, customize, and plan ahead to maximize your champions before and after every battle.

Both new and veteran League of Legend players will love the power and ease of LegendSmith to get the most out of their champions. LegendSmith is comprised of two major features: Champion Builder and Draft Pick.

Counter Picks for LoL
Counter Picks for League of Legends (download)

League of Legends Counter Picks is a new application which gives you advice on how to counter champions in League of Legends game.

  • List of each champion is available.
  • Fast and easy to use during the Draft Mode.
  • Regular update according to the League of Legends patch.

Quiz for League of Legends
Quiz for League of Legends (download)

Want to hone your item-crafting knowledge skills? Are you the master when it comes to item knowledge in LoL? Can't currently play the game but wanna pass some time in the LoL universe? Then this game is absolutely for you!

In this game you'll have every single item in the game presented to you, and you'll have to craft them correctly to gain points and go up in the rankings. You can compete with your friends too! Do you think you're the master crafter? Then beat every single one of your friends!







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