[Update] Flappy Bird Effect Continues. Seeing What Happened Recently





[Update] The apps with "Flappy" in the title won't be accessed by Apple and Google

Since Flappy Bird was removed by Nguyen, there are so many the game clones appeared. That finally caught the antipathy of Apple and Google. According to the twitter of Vancouver-based game designer Ken Carpenter, Apple rejected his "Flappy Dragon" from the App Store and Google Play recently. Apple told him “we found your app name attempts to leverage a popular app,” 

 Flappy Bird

We know that there are many things happened since Dong Nguyen took Flappy Bird down. Although he expressed the game has become an addictive product and gone forever. But it doesn't eliminate the effect. Let's see what happen recently.

Fake 'Flappy Bird' Apps appeared on Android platform with malware

Recently, there are some infected Flappy Bird Apps appeared on the Android market. These malwares look like original Flappy Bird, including the same app icon and gameplay. But, they would send you fraud messages which can steal your charges by messaging premium numbers.

Flappy Bird

"All of the fake versions we've seen so far are premium service abusers — apps that send messages to premium numbers, thus causing unwanted charges to victims' phone-billing statements," security-intelligence blog TrendLabs reported. Currently, the infected apps are mainly prevalent in Russian and Vietnamese app markets.

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird clone, a constant theme

Nowadays, Flappy Bird clones have countless. Most of them are the same. Today, let's see a several interesting clones

Flappy Bert is a clone from Sesame Workshop which is behind Sesame Street. The gameplay is no different, but the graphics have changed greatly, including colorful striped pipes, Sesame Street in the background and Bert with blue bird is instead of a lonely bird. Moreover, Bert will cry out "Ernie", the name of Bert's best friend on Sesame Street, when he crashes the pipes.

Flappy Bird

FlapMMO is a hilarious clone. In the game, Players will play Flappy Bird with hundreds of other strangers and most people don't seem to get past the second set of pipes. Moreover, you can even name your Flappy in the game. 

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird videos

Such a popular game without related videos could be strange. So, countless fans took out their interesting videos for us. Let's enjoy them 

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Teen kill his brother just because Flappy Bird score lower than him?

A rumor said that a Chicago teenager killed his brother because of envying his brother had higher score in Flappy Bird.

Flappy Bird

Gary Wright, 16-year-olds, and his 17-years-old brother were playing the famous game Flappy Bird. But, when the brother, Jabari Wright, got the score of 17, he started laughing at Gary who only reached 6. Then, things got out of hand. The wrathful Gary stabbed his brother with a knife 17 times in the chest, representing his high score of 17. But afterwards, Gary delivered himself to the police.

Gary was accused of first-degree murder and held in the Juvenile Temporary Detention Center currently. It is said that Gary also told investigators "Anyone who has played that game would know why I did it."

Source: Huzlers

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