Gamescom 2016: The Revolution We Should Watch Out For.





What a storm.

You may wonder what I mean by that, and well... is just incredible how fast things are going in the game industry. From new developments, VR, MOBA likes, not MOBA likes, RPG but shooters; To the ones we have played or seen since we started diving into this world: MMORPG's, Sandboxes, First-person shooters... the universes we can visit every time we enter a loading screen are getting crazier by the minute.

And for some reason they all get together in a real Chaos called Gamescom. Imagine that.

So how do we make sense of it all?

I am here to try to help you with that.

I've done some research, looking into the companies that will be at the gathering... and after quite a while realized that is not easy to come up with a certain list of games that are pretty sure to come up. So instead I decided to look into the Big Interesting MMO's that could appear. To grab the end of the stick, so to speak.

Which then gave me the idea: OH MY GOD THERE IS LINE RIGHT THERE. A line separating the good old ones and the new revolutionary ones.

So let's get down to business, shall we?


Here you'll find the new and not so new but improved old kinds of games, like...

A Big one to start. Wow has been going for almost a year without any updates, until recently when it got its pre-expansion patch. I could hear through Discord how my friend was getting hyped every time he discovered some new changes in his favorite classes... like the survival Hunter, that now can go melee.

That one got me good.

BUT THERE IS MORE. From what blizzard told us, we'll be able to play Demon-Hunter, the new Heroic class. I mean, who has not been an Illidan Fan since Warcraft III? Or since Burning Crusade, where we could get The Blades of Azzinoth, those green sharpy things that were cool as F...

And the lore... as everything is in Chaos, our character will assume a main role. We'll get legendary weapons, Like the Ashbringer. Any Paladin Fan would be hyped by this.

So yeah, I am pretty sure I'll keep an eye out to see if this great old one will be there.

But hey, expansions are ok and all, yet nothing beats the excitement of a new world to explore, and that's what will bring us...

Not long ago we got news about it coming to the west, being its bringer Aeria Games. Bless Online follows the same line as many MMORPGs, where two warring factions wants to see each other dead and buried. As in Wow, your race decides your faction, with a pretty good variety of classes from where to pick: Berserker, Hunter, assassin, mage... in matter of tastes, we'll be more than satisfied.

It also has story, although I can't say just how good it is.

I've watched some gameplay and I can say the combat system is something similar to Blade and Soul: you have a dynamic target that you can change depending to where you are aiming. You have dodges and movements in accord to your class... so yeah, this game belongs with the conservatives.

But If I had to name one of Its strong points, It'd be Its visuals. Amazing animations and environment. As a Fanciness lover, I gotta say it attracted me.


So yeah, Gamescom seems like the best place to promote it.

Yet, if we want fanciness, we should also keep in mind...

Since Its arrival to the west, Its player base has only grown. Nice graphics, pretty good gameplay, PvP based, siege... and one of the best character customization I've ever tried. And Believe me, I've spent hours ONLY in that phase.

When I played It on closed beta, I almost consumed all my time there. It was awesome.

Besides, even though I have my complains, I think the game is being handle pretty well in comparison with others, and as recently has gotten some huge updates, apart from a new class (Ninja, and Its female counterpart, Kunoichi), you can't but wonder just where is this game going to go.

In my opinion, one of the strong points Black Desert has to offer is Its overachieved Sandbox: is incredible just how many different things you can do. From training horses to decorate your own house, without skipping killing monsters... If you get bored of doing the same, you can do something else without losing any time playing, as everything will in one way or another contribute to your journey.

And besides, the Dark spirit is so creepy sometimes that you can't help but get an ominous feeling...

But nothing beats the ominous feeling some bosses gives you in...

Well, what can I say. Playing an RPG has always been my vice, and FF has always been my private drug: I have tasted but few, yet they left a big mark in my heart. And Square Enix MMO wasn't any different.

The capacity to level up any class, plus smooth graphics, animations and a good story... I had to say that the month I played this game was one of my most unsocial ones. The character customization isn't the best, but is enough as for you to create THAT hero you have always wanted to be... and the evolving mechanics every class has makes everything more exciting, which in my case was more than needed, as Its combat system of a target and roles (Dps, healer...) for me was kind of boring.

However, being a Ninja was a bliss.

Besides, Heavensward hit hard, and as a Final Fantasy game, it doesn't let down... too much (Is an MMO after all, you can't get the same story driven feeling as it would be normal.)

Yet, mounting a Chocobo made everything ok.

But sometimes traveling in a giant yellow bird isn't enough. Sometimes you need action. Fast action. Sometimes you need a shooter... and the unique feeling of playing a character.






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