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One questions trainers may ask often is where to find Pokestops, gyms and where to catch some certain Pokemon they want in the near area. But the game doesn't provide you with an overview of all the locations. However, thanks to the passionate Pokemon Go community, it seems players are working on this.

Option 1:

Reddit user jenerikku (reddit post here) created a Pokemon Go map called, which is crowdsourced, meaning every trainer who lives in that area can mark the Pokéstops, gyms, and Pokémon. You'll understand the map easily - gas stations stand for Pokestop; the bank icons are gyms and the red markers are Pokemon. If you want to add any of these, just click on the map and a pin will drop. You have to categorize the location as one of three types. In addition, you can also filter locations by PokéStops, gyms, Pokémon, or Pokémon type.

Option 2: PokéMapper

Another map is called "PokéMapper, a "crowd-sourced Pokémon Go sightings tracker” and "global collaborative map" built by OpenRide. Like PokeGoWorld, it also allows players to chart their findings on the map. It's a still very new map so expect some bugs or not-that-perfect user-experience.

Option 3: Using Ingress map online

Of couse, those are not the only two crowd-sourced maps, others have created their own style Pokemon Go maps on Google. Put aside the above mentioned maps, you can also use another way to scout out the Pokestops. All you need to do is download Ingress on Appstore or Googleplay, the original game from Niantic. Open the app and sign in with your Google account. The next step would be visiting the official Ingress map online. There you will find the intel map that will show you the Portals.The good thing is they translate most of the Portals in Ingress to Pokestops in Pokemon Go.

And if you are living in Boston, someone already did a great job on where to catch Pokemon

In other news, Polygon reported that "Boston’s map, called "Gotta Catch’em All" is the densest map we’ve seen specifically for catching Pokémon." More than 500 spots have been marked in the map where Pokemon have been confirmed caught. Users can also filter Pokémon by their rarity. It would be very helpful for players living in the bean town.

In addition, Curbed’s city sites have been working hard on mapping out where to catch Pokemon. Here's the guide map for San Francisco, the best places to catch Pokemon in NYC and Washington DC's Pokemon Go map as well as Seattle.

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